How to use the maintenance mode of your Samsung phone?

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Did your precious Galaxy S23 (S22 or S21) just break down? Do you need to repair it, but have some apprehensions about the confidentiality of your personal data? Samsung has the good idea to offer a maintenance mode to its Galaxy S23, to repair it without anyone being able to access your files.

With the Galaxy S23 comes a new feature, the Maintenance mode. An excellent initiative from the Korean manufacturer, which will compartmentalize the content of your smartphone so that only certain parts are fully accessible to technicians in the event of a breakdown.

Thus, thanks to this mode, you will secure your personal data, photos, videos, files and other messages. No one will be able to access it unless they have your PIN or password. Here we will detail how to use it if unfortunately your Galaxy S23 has to go to the repair shop.

How to use Galaxy S23/Samsung One UI 5 maintenance mode?

Your Galaxy S23 just broke down, but luckily you can fix it quickly. To make sure that no unscrupulous providers come to take a look at your data, you can activate the Maintenance mode.

  • meet at the settings of your Samsung smartphone.
  • select line Battery and device maintenance.
  • Scroll down the page, and at the bottom, tap Maintenance mode.
  • Your first instinct will probably be to push the button. Allowbut don’t rush.
  • Take the time to back up by pressing the line Backup of your data before entering maintenance mode.
  • The operation will take 2-3 minutes and requires a phone restart. Now you can confidently leave it to your repairman.

To deactivate the Maintenance mode, just repeat the above procedure. Pressing maintenance mode, a page appears with a big Exit button to get back to normal. You will be asked to identify yourself with your password or PIN code.

Once this is done, you just have to wait for your mobile to restart to return to the normal situation.

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