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With its new Samsung UI One 5.0, the Korean manufacturer offers new features that include modes, clearly inspired by iOS. In the same menu we find the routines. Very practical tools on a day-to-day basis and quite easy to configure once you have consulted this tutorial: “How to use Samsung UI 5.0 modes and routines? »

Samsung now offers two tools to automate the use of your Galaxy, from the S23 Ultra to the more modest A51. With the new version of its One UI 5.0 interface, the Korean currently offers programmable and customizable modes and routines.

The difference between the two? HE routines They are similar to IFTTT commands that are triggered when a set of predefined criteria are met. They are reserved for fans of the Automation.

HE modes, are more similar to those offered by iOS and are activated manually or by following one or more specific actions. A vision that many users will find simpler and more natural. That is why we are going to start with them.

How to use Samsung One UI 5 modes?

meet at the settings of your smartphone in UI 5 and press the line Modes and Routines.

On the Modes page, select add a mode bottom of page.

  • You will start creating your mode by naming it and assigning it an icon and color to better identify it.
  • Your mode summary page will appear on the screen. touch area automatic activation to determine the triggering event.
  • It can be the opening of an application, the connection to a device, a certain period in a specific place. It is up to you to determine what feels most natural to you.
  • For example, let’s imagine that we want to measure our performance, listen to our favorite playlist and, above all, not be disturbed during our daily jog in the Jardin des Tuileries.
  • For this, we chose as triggers the opening of the Samsung Health application, then the daily schedule from 8 to 8:45 and finally the geolocation, the Tuileries garden.

  • After validating theautomatic activationwe can activate the function Do not bother and only allow certain apps, including Samsung Health and Spotify.
  • Finally, tap Change settings to automatically launch Spotify and automatically adjust the volume to your habits.
  • Validate and return to the page of your personal modality. At the bottom, you can go through the Control Smart Things section to connect to your Samsung Bluetooth headset, for example, by automatically turning on audio transparency mode.

To further push the customization, you also have the option to change the wallpaper depending on the activated mode. This allows you to remember at a glance which mode you are in.

How to use the basic modes of Samsung One UI 5?

You can now imagine your own modes, and if you’re running out of inspiration, good news, Samsung offers a number of preset modes, which you can use right away or can serve as inspiration for new ones you can create.

  • meet at the settings of your smartphone in UI 5 and press the line Modes and Routines.
  • Check that you are in the tab modes and in this case, the five modes predefined by Samsung are displayed on the screen.
  • For each of these modes, you will be able to decide the activation event or if you just want to activate it manually. We take as an example the relaxation mode. That we are going to get hooked so they don’t bother us when we get to a gym.
  • Then we can automatically activate the function. Do not bother and even perfect the calls and messageswithout forgetting the app notifications who will be able to pass despite the way Do not bother asset. Then we can configure the Sound Mode and Volume, or even activate battery power saving.

We recommend that you explore them to fully understand their mechanics, and then create your own.

How to use Samsung One UI 5 routines?

Now let’s move on to routines. In One UI 5, Routines are getting a slight revamp and are no longer tied to Bixby. They are now grouped into settings of your mobile and its implementation does not change anything.

Thus, we find the algorithmic basis based on “If” one or more conditions are met -> “Then” an action is triggered.

Here’s how to create routines in One UI 5:

  • Again, go to settings of your smartphone in UI 5 and press the line Modes and Routines.
  • select tab routines at the bottom of the page (by default, it lands on the Modes tab) and to add a routine, press the button ” + at the top right of the page.
  • The page displayed has two sections, the conditions ” AND “and those of the resulting actions” So».
  • touch a line AND and then the list of 28 available conditions is displayed. You can add as many conditions as you want, we stopped at ten.
  • For our example, we program a routine that notifies me when the editor of frandroid try to contact me when i play a video game. So the two conditions are you are playinget Incoming call , and for the latter we specify the contact that will trigger the alert. HESo Here is a unique vibration and light alarm.
  • If you’re lacking inspiration, you can check out the routine library by tapping the compass icon to the right of the “ +».

They are ready to use and will surely give you ideas to adapt your Galaxy to your daily use.

How to automate the creation of Samsung One UI 5 routines and modes?

Outside of the predefined modes and routines, don’t see why create custom ones or run out of ideas? So let Samsung do it by activating the personalization service. The latter will analyze your daily uses and periodically offer you routines and modes, when it identifies repeated uses after the launch of an application, for example, or when you arrive at a usual place for you.

  • go to page Modes and Routine s and access thesettings Modes and Routinesby pressing the icon that shows three small vertical dots at the top right.
  • At the bottom of the page has a section customization service. Select there to activate it.
  • If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create a Samsung account.
  • Enjoy being on the pageParameters Modes and Routinesto refine the display. In fact, here you can activate theShow patterns and routines on the app screenetShow routines on lock screen.

You now have all the elements to create and manage your Samsung routines and modes. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box. Surely there are unique practical uses for you that deserve automation.

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