How to take advantage of the 30 days free with your Amazon Prime subscription?

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That’s it: The Warner Pass has landed on Prime Video. For the first 30 days, Amazon Prime subscribers will have free access to content from HBO, the Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network and more. The monthly price then increases to 9.99 euros per month.

From the agreement signed between Amazon Prime Video and Warner Bros Discovery a sesame was born that should delight series and movie lovers: the Warner Pass, which arrives this Thursday, March 16, 2023 on the American streaming platform. Those who subscribe will thus be able to access the contents of the HBO channels, Eurosport 1 and 2 and Cartoon Network. And, to attract future subscribers, Prime Video has planned a completely free discovery offer.

The must-sees of the Warner Pass

  • All the content of HBO, Warner TV, Discovery Channel, Eurosport…
  • A non-binding subscription with a free trial
  • And even some content in 4K

From this Thursday, March 16, the Warner Pass is offered on Amazon Prime Video at 9.99 euros per month, without obligation. However, the platform offers a 30-day free trial offer. until next April 3.

Keep in mind that to take advantage of the Warner Pass, you must be an Amazon Prime subscriber: the subscription costs 6.99 euros per month, or 69.90 euros per year. Know that there too, you will be entitled to 30 days free.

Extensive content for less than 10 euros per month

As indicated by the Warner Bros France Twitter account, the Warner Pass includes all the content broadcast by the American channel HBO, as well as those of the 12 Warner Bros. channels. Recently, Prime Video subscribers were also able to take a look to one of HBO’s latest major productions, the event series The last of us, Adapted from the video game of the same name. The Warner Pass will obviously give access to the other flagship series of the American channel, such as Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Sex and the City either The wire. The opportunity to catch up with these cult productions. Recent series like Chernobyl, Succession, the white lotus, dragon house either Euphoria will also be available.

In addition to HBO, the pass will also allow you to watch Warner TV, Toonami, Adult Swim, Eurosport 1 and 2, Boomerang, Cartoon Network (Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Young Justice, Adventure Time, Steven Universe), Boing, CNN, TCM Cinéma as well as the Discovery Channels (Discovery Channel, ID and Discovery Science). Please note that if the catalog will be offered in HD, some series will also be offered in 4K, such as Game of Thrones.

But to give you an idea, it also means:
– Game of Thrones in 4K
– House of the Dragon
– The White Lotus
– Euphoria
– The Golden Age
– Chernobyl
– True Blood
– Sex and the city
–Rick and Morty
Harley Quinn…

What are you going to see first?

— Prime Video France (@PrimeVideoFR) March 13, 2023

a progressive line

To take advantage of the full Warner Pass catalog, you’ll need to be patient. Indeed, the launch will take place in two stages: starting this Thursday, March 16, subscribers will have access to the content of the HBO, Warner TV, Toonami and Adult Swim channels. Then, starting on April 3, content from other group channels such as Eurosport, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, CNN, TCM Cinema or the Discovery channels will arrive on Prime Video.

If you want to compare Prime Video offers with those of other sites, we invite you now to consult our guide to determine which is the best streaming platform for you.

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