How to share your account on PlayStation 5?

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You have a PlayStation 5 and therefore certainly have a PlayStation Network account. Did you know that you can share your account, and therefore your dematerialized toy library, with another PS5 console? A very simple and fast operation that we detail in this tutorial.

PS5 Playstation 5
The PlayStation 5 // Source: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

Sony makes it easy for us to share a PlayStation account. This can make it possible to group two toy libraries together, for example, or just let a friend or family member play a game without having to buy it. The operation is very simple and almost seamless in everyday life.

How to share your PlayStation account?

previous requirements:

Before starting this tutorial, please read the following lines carefully.

  • The most important point is that you must have full trust in the person with whom you are going to share your account. In fact, they will have access to your content, your games and your PS+ benefits.
  • Both must have the same PlayStation console, because it is impossible to share a PS4 account with a PS5, for example.
  • Please note that this sharing is only operational on one PlayStation at a time.

How to share your account on PS5?

Sharing is set up in two steps, first on your console and then on the one with which you will share your account.

Your console:

  • First, sign in to your account on your PlayStation 5.
  • go to screen settings PS5 and select Users and accounts -> Other -> Share console and play offline.
  • If it’s not there yet, select do not disable.

On the second console:

  • Connect to the PSN by creating a new user, enter the email and password of the account that needs to be shared.
  • Then go to the PS5 settings screen and select Users and accounts -> Other -> Share console and play offline.
  • then select do not disable.

The operation is complete, you can now, on the second console, download the dematerialized games and enjoy the benefits of PS+. Please note that it is not possible to play the same title at the same time, unless you are offline.

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