How to set up and use Satellite Emergency SOS on iPhone?

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iOS offers a satellite emergency SOS feature from the iPhone 14, which will contact emergency services even if you don’t have network coverage. It is already available in France and we are going to detail how to configure it to make a future distress call that nobody wants, but that we can anticipate, as effective as possible.

With the iPhone 14, Apple has integrated a new technology into its smartphone that allows it to connect to satellites in low orbit. Thus, in addition to the existing emergency call in iOS, we now have an emergency call via satellite. The latter will simply contact the emergency services if necessary and can transmit your exact position and a maximum of useful information about you. Please note that this service is currently only active in six countries: the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Here’s how to set up and use Satellite Emergency SOS on iPhone.

How to set up and use Satellite Emergency SOS on iPhone 14/iOS?

We can’t predict the unexpected, but we can still prepare for it. Before looking at how to use Satellite Emergency SOS, there are some prerequisites, which are not mandatory, but may prove vital in the future.

previous requirements

  • in app To locatetouch the tab moi and activate share my location. Without this, it cannot be sent in an emergency.
Source: Yazid Amer – Frandroid
  • If you have an Apple Watch, turn on the accident detection et fall detection. These features may trigger automated emergency calls.
  • in app Health, fill in your medical file to give as much information as possible to the emergency services, for example your blood group or if you have undergone an organ transplant. Then add the emergency contacts so that some of your selected family members are also alerted.

You are now ready to test the Satellite Emergency SOS feature.

How to use the satellite emergency SOS function?

In an emergency, finding a tool that can save you is not the best. Therefore, Apple allows you to try Satellite Emergency SOS to understand it better and fix yourself in a situation that nobody wants. Don’t take this step lightly!

  • open the app Settings.
  • identify section Emergency call.
  • Scroll down the page that appears and identify the section satellite SOS emergency.
  • press the line try the demo.
  • Next, several pages will summarize the functionalities of satellite emergency SOS.
  • For the demo to work, you will need to temporarily turn off your cellular connection.
  • To successfully make a satellite emergency call, you must first “hang” the signal.
  • The demo familiarizes you with its use and, above all, makes you aware of the limitations.
  • Thus, indoors, it is impossible to connect; the same is true if there is a building between you and the satellite signal.
  • Once the signal is connected, you will have an example of a possible dialogue with the emergency services.
  • These are just examples, which do not require an answer. Its role is to introduce you to the language and possible requests for help.

Do not hesitate to test the function to be ready in case of need. The same goes for your loved ones, feel free to introduce them to this feature in case they have to handle your phone in a dangerous situation.

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