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Do you need to transfer a large amount of data? Files that exceed the delivery capacity of your mailbox and perhaps even several gigabytes? There are many free online services to do this and we have selected five of them. How to send large files for free? Keep reading!

How to send large files for free // Source: Kreatikar – Pixabay

To send documents, our first instinct is usually email. However, outboxes, like inboxes, usually have a limit that rarely exceeds 20 MB. To share files, large folders that can exceed several gigabytes, we can go through the data transfer services of files online.

How to send large files for free?

There are several free solutions for sending one or more large files. Each one has its advantages, which we explain below. We have selected five:

we transfer

WeTransfer allows you to send files up to 2 GB for free. All you have to do is drag and drop from the browser to the loading area at the top left. Then you need to enter the emails of the recipients.

You have the option to add a title to your transfer and comments. Finish by clicking send to. When the upload is complete, the next page will ask for a verification code which you will find in your mailbox. Enter it in the dedicated area and the sharing will take effect for a period of seven days, after which it will be removed. The paid version (12 euros/month) allows transfers of up to 20 GB, with no time limit.

You can also choose to generate a download link to share with the people of your choice instead of sending it via email.

Use WeTransfer.

Google Drive

Many forget this, but when you open a Gmail account, you automatically get 15 GB of Google Drive storage space. There are two solutions available to share a large file. You can embed it like attachment in your email and if it exceeds 20MB, it can be automatically shared as a Google Drive link. Its size will be limited by the space available on your Google Drive.

Second solution, you connect to Google Drive and drag and drop the files you want to transfer to your drive. Then right click on them and select share, hand out. Just enter the recipients’ email addresses and click share, hand out to enable sharing. It will be active as long as the files are stored in your Google Drive.

Swiss transfer

Also consider SwissTransfer.

We have here a mechanism almost identical to WeTransfer, except that the sending limit is increased to 50 GB! After accepting the Terms of Service, you will be able to drag and drop the files or folders you want to transfer.

You will have two transfer options, by email or link. In the first case, you enter the email addresses of the recipients, yours and you can add a message. A download link will be embedded in the email sent. In the second case, the download link is generated and you use it as you want by email or through an instant messaging service.

If you click Advanced configurationyou will choose the Period of validity of the link (1, 7, 15 or 30 days), the download limitt (1, 20, 100 or 250 downloads maximum) and the language used on the linked page. Finally, you can also protect the link with a password.


This service was born in France and offers to transfer files without size limits. On the home page, drag and drop the Smash logo in the center, or click it to open your browser’s browser.

Once this is done, you’ll need to enter the recipients’ email address and your own, then you can add a message and title if needed. Clicking on the cogwheel takes you to the transfer settings. You can set the Period of validity the transfer link (from 1 to 14 days), a Password and choose if you want to be download notification.

Does this all sound too good to be true, unlimited storage to transfer files? Smash compensates in the download speed, which is restricted beyond 2 GB.days.


This Swiss solution allows you to send documents up to 10 GB, stored on servers in France and Switzerland.

Once on the site, you just have to follow the instructions following points 1 to 4 in order. There is no drag and drop interface, you will have to go through the web browser’s file explorer. Attention, if you want to transfer a file, click on a folder in the first line. Then activate file transfer on

Step three allows you to enter the recipients’ email address, your own, and compose a message. Clicking on the fourth line sends the messages with the links. You have also shown on the screen the link to copy it and forward it as you want. Your files will be available for 6 months. If you want to eliminate the advertising in file exchange emails and increase the size of the transfers up to 50 GB by subscribing to a pack of 5 euros for one month, 20 euros for two months and 20 euros for 6 months.

You just have to choose the best service according to your needs and those of your recipients.

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