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Microsoft has announced the integration of ChatGPT into Bing, its search engine. If we can only test the tool in a limited way at the moment, Microsoft has opened a waiting list to access the full version: here’s how to sign up.

Some sample questions to ask ChatGPT via Bing // Source: Screenshot

On the web, time is undeniably artificial intelligence. The race is on: Apple is planning a dedicated internal conference, Google announced Bard the day before, and Microsoft has joined in with the merger of Bing with ChatGPT. for the moment only one Advance limited on PC is available for this”new bing“. We can just test search examples to see what they will look like in a few months. If you want to try this new feature as soon as possible, you can sign up for the waiting list.

Join the waiting list to try ChatGPT with Bing

Microsoft has established a waiting list that anyone can sign up for. To join, you’ll need to sign in to your Microsoft account. As soon as you are accepted into the program, an email will be sent to you to let you know that you can access this AI-powered Bing.

The waiting list for the “new” Bing // Source: Frandroid

However, be careful, if you register, “You will receive emails about Microsoft Bing, including offers related to Microsoft, Rewards, and partner products.“, we can read on the site.

Microsoft’s mechanisms to boost its services using this waiting list

Microsoft is a bit smart: To get you ahead of the queue, it’s found a way to highlight its services. The firm asks to define the “Microsoft Default on your PCdownloading a small program that does it for you, which involves several things:

  • Set Microsoft Edge as default browser
  • Set Microsoft Bing as default search engine
  • Set MSN as home page
  • Pin to the taskbar
  • Bookmark Microsoft Recommended Sites
  • Create a desktop shortcut for Microsoft Edge
Microsoft wants to interfere with your PC // Source: Frandroid

Another method used: installing the Microsoft Bing application on your smartphone. Note: If you want all of this to be taken into account, you must be signed in to your Microsoft account.

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