How To Read A Qr Code?

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to proceed to read a QR code.

What is a QR code?

Read a QR code easily and quickly

What is a QR code?

A QR code is actually a two-dimensional (2D) barcode. The latter offers in particular the possibility of encoding data. You should know that the QR code very often refers to the page of a website. It is more and more common to see a QR code on a flyer, on a poster or even on a magazine.

In addition, you should know that to use a QR code, it is useful and necessary to have a smartphone. Therefore, the QR code offers the possibility to find out more by referring to a web page. On the latter, we will find detailed information. It is primarily an interactive process.

The QR code was introduced in 1994. Indeed, it is a Japanese company that is at the origin of the QR code. Although created by a company, the use of the QR code is free.


Read a QR code easily and quickly

In order to easily and quickly read a QR code, we recommend that you follow a few essential steps. First, you must bring your QR code. Then, simply open the camera app on your smartphone.

Then, position your smartphone more or less 20 centimeters from the QR code. At this stage, two possibilities. Either your smartphone reads the QR code directly, or it doesn’t.

If nothing happens, then you need to install an application on your smartphone in order to read it. This type of application will allow you to recognize and read the QR code. On Android, for example, you have QR Code & Barcode Scanner (TeaCapps) and for iPhone, you have QR Code (TinyLab).

Note that in some smartphones, manufacturers integrate a QR code reader directly into the phone, while other manufacturers do not. In any case, have no fear. Using a QR code is extremely simple. It’s within everyone’s reach.

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