How to maintain and shine your electric car: our selection of products

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If you are looking for some product references to care for and clean your electric car inside and out, you have come to the right place. Here’s our pick to make sure you have a car that’s always on top.

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If you’ve recently fallen in love with a new electric car, you’re probably interested in keeping it in great condition. In addition to the classic car washes, there are different products that will help you keep the exterior looking like new and clean the interior without difficulty.

We present below our selection of products for bodywork, for the interior, but also for glass surfaces, as well as some accessories It is always good to have it in your car.

bodywork products

Every good wash begins with a shampoo, and Meguiar’s Gold Glass is one of the leaders in the market. In addition to facilitating cleaning, this shampoo adds shine to the paint, while polishing it. Drying will also be easier, as it leaves a very smooth surface. Count around 12 euros for 500 ml.

To get rid of mosquitoes and other insects that accumulate on your vehicle’s bumper, a good bug cleaner is necessary. ProTech’s is devilishly effective: spray before passing the high-pressure jet, and the bodywork will be perfectly clean. Count a little less than 20 euros for 500 ml.

If you want to both make cleaning easier and keep your bodywork looking clean and shiny, what you need is a hydrophobic ceramic treatment. The one from Meguiar’s that we have selected has the advantage of being very easy to use. Spray on wet bodywork, rinse with clear water and wipe for an immediate water repellent effect.

Small tar residues may appear on the lower parts of your vehicle, and to avoid scuffs and scratches on the bodywork, your best ally is a solvent specially designed for this. The one from the CarPro brand that we have chosen is very effective for the so-called “decontamination” stage of the bodywork.

Use before washing, spraying directly onto dirt-soaked underbody parts. Then you will see that all the residues begin to dissolve under your eyes, and a rinse will take care of making them disappear permanently.

Between two washes, if some traces appear, a “Quick Detailer” is your best ally. Spray on, wipe off with a microfiber cloth, and his body is back to its full glory. It also works to remove dust, stubborn watermarks after drying, or even a few fingerprints here and there. As for the price, the Maguiar reference that we have selected is around 16 euros for 473 mL.

interior cleaning

For the interior of your car, be it the carpets, the seats, the center console or even the decorative plastic elements, Gtechniq Tri-Clean Interior Cleaner works wonders. A few sprays are all it takes to get it working, and just wipe it down with a microfiber cloth after a few minutes to restore your interior to its full glory. A little more, it absorbs odors and is antibacterial. Count around 28 euros for 500 ml of product.

The white interior of the Tesla Model S Throw Blanket

Meguiar’s offers a multi-surface cleaner that is very effective against grease that can build up on plastics. If a less aggressive interior cleaner can’t remove all the remains from your interior, it will take care of removing the most stubborn dirt. The price is around 16 euros for 710 mL of product.

In addition to cleaning, to keep your interior in optimal condition, it is always good to apply a product to protect plastic from time to time. The one we select leaves a natural (non-greasy) finish, while leaving the interior plastics looking like new. Its anti-UV protection prevents the original color from being altered and keeps it looking new for longer. Count around 13 euros for 473 ml.

glazed surfaces

A clean car with streaks on the windows is always a shame, which is why it is important to use a highly effective glass cleaner. Meguiar’s offers a product specially designed for this purpose, which leaves no streaks, whether the windows are tinted or not. Insects, tree sap, traffic film – it’s all easily gone. A few sprays are enough for a full windshield and in terms of price it costs around €11 for 473ml.

If you want to drastically limit the use of your wipers, a hydrophobic agent like Rain-X is for you. Specifically, it will leave a small invisible film on the surfaces of your crystals, which will become very hydrophobic. At high speeds on the highway, the Rain-X makes it possible to do without a wiper, as water droplets no longer hang on the windshield. Once you’ve tried it, it’s hard to go without it. Count 9 euros for 500 mL of product.

Useful washing accessories

A good wash goes through a phase in which the bodywork is rubbed, and having quality microfibers is a must. This pack of ten Gtechniq microfibers is excellent value for money, and can be used indoors and outdoors without restrictions.

The drying stage of a car is one of the most important. A very dense drying towel is essential to avoid having to use many different cloths to care for the entire body. The one from Chemical Guys that we recommend absorbs up to five liters of water, and is very large (60 x 90 centimeters). An essential purchase to facilitate your work.

If you wish to wash your vehicle by hand, a good wash mitt is recommended. The one from Gtechniq is excellent, and is designed to minimize the appearance of micro-scratches during cleaning. Ideally, it should be associated with a washing bucket that contains a grid that allows the glove to be rubbed at the bottom, so that the dirt adheres to the bottom. Also think about the rinse bucket, so as not to dirty the wash water. This is called the two-bucket method.

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