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Smartphones without a jack are already the majority on the market, be they iPhones with their Lightning port or other Android smartphones. Therefore, it is necessary to go through different solutions to listen to music or view content, in particular through headphones or wireless adapters.

In the telephone market, manufacturers have gradually abandoned the jack port in their new devices. This trend was first launched by Apple to develop its wireless technologies, before it was quickly imitated by other smartphone brands.

While the jack plug is a preferred port for audio enthusiasts, the general public is generally content to use Bluetooth headsets and headphones. For Android smartphones that no longer have a jack port, there are also USB-C adapters to which you can plug your headphones to listen to music. iPhones, on the other hand, use the Lightning port to transmit sound.

On a smartphone that no longer has a jack port, you’ll have two options: keep your headphones or headphones wired, via USB-C and the USB Audio protocol, or ditch the cables entirely with a Bluetooth dongle. .

Here are the different options available to listen to music on your smartphone.

Bluetooth headphones

This is perhaps the simplest answer: does your smartphone no longer have a jack connector? Just go wireless. We already offer you a guide to the best wireless headphones here. There are very good references on the subject, here we recommend them.

9 /10

Sony WH-1000XM4

  • enormous autonomy
  • The sound quality it offers
  • Your noise reduction

Available in €329 on Amazon

The Sony 1000XM4, which we were able to test in writing, has an adjustable headband and ear cups that rotate for easy storage. It offers touch controls to manage its multiple functions, including active noise reduction, and benefits from a good autonomy of up to 40 hours.

This is simply one of the best wireless headphones on the market. The WH-1000XM4 will not only be relevant on your smartphone, but on all your devices. At 300 euros, it is the best investment to make. Note that there is now a new model, the WH-1000XM5, which we don’t necessarily recommend as it offers little change, for a much higher price.

where to buy the

Sony WH-1000XM4 at the best price?

8 /10

Apple AirPod Max

  • Apple’s ecosystem
  • sound rendering
  • One of the best noise reducers.

Available in €629 in baker

Of course, Apple has found interest in the disappearance of the jack port. The Cupertino company was able to develop its connected devices with complete peace of mind. The AirPods Max wireless headphones have therefore appeared with an audiophile-oriented positioning. It is excellent: its sale price, unfortunately, greatly reduces its value for money.

Sold for around 500 euros, the AirPods Max headphones will appeal to all iPhone owners as long as they have the wallet to pay for them. Our extensive product test may convince you.

Where to buy

Apple AirPods Max at the best price?

  • 30 hours of battery life
  • sound quality
  • Compatible with multiple codecs

Available in €79 on Amazon

If you are looking for good quality and affordable headphones, the Sennheiser 350BT is clearly the reference that we recommend. The product offers one of the most solid constructions. It supports AAC, AptX, and AptX Low Latency codecs.

Above all, it offers a great advantage that will seduce you: 30 hours of autonomy, for prolonged use and privileged listening. Marketed for less than 100 euros, it is simply the best in its category.

where to buy the

Sennheiser HD 350 BT at the best price?

wireless headphones

9 /10

Sony WF-1000XM4

  • The excellent autonomy
  • sound quality
  • Simply the best

Available in €249 at Fnac

Sony offers one of the best pairs of headphones available today. The audio quality delivered is the most optimal. In addition, the active noise reduction is also one of the best in our selection of wireless headphones.

The Sony WF-1000XM4 are housed in a compact case that acts as a charging station. You get six hours on two full charges in the case. Offered at 249 euros, this is our recommendation.

where to buy the

Sony WF-1000XM4 refurbished at the best price?

9 /10

Jabra Elite 85T

  • comfortable to wear
  • Its excellent autonomy
  • sound quality

Available in €207 in Cdiscount

The headphone industry can fool you. To avoid making mistakes, choose versatility with the Jabra Elite 85T. The main asset of this pair is its flexibility, which allows it to be effective in all circumstances.

The headphones are comfortable, while the Bluetooth connection will allow you to use it with a smartphone without a jack. Sound reproduction is warm for extended listening.

where to buy the

Jabra Elite 85T at the best price?

9 /10

Nothing Heard (1)

  • Great value for the price
  • original design
  • Your audio quality

Available in €99 on nothing

Still young on the market, Nothing has hit its Ear (1). The first headphones from the manufacturer are characterized by a very efficient active noise reduction for a product under 100 euros. The sound is of excellent quality with a very balanced end result. Nada follows its rise and has launched a very successful first smartphone, the Phone (1).

These wireless headphones are also characterized by a transparent design, revealing the interior and characteristic of the brand. However, don’t think that waterproofing has been abandoned as the Nothing Ear (1) is IPX4 certified. These are the best available for under $100.

where to buy the

Nothing Ear (1) at the best price?

USB Type-C Adapters

In the audio market, wired headphones tend to be more and more discreet. While many good products still have a jack connection, sometimes it’s necessary to use a jack to USB-C adapter to get the most out of it. Here are some low-cost models to convince you.

Type C adapter with charger

This 2-in-1 adapter makes up for the lack of a jack plug and doesn’t block access to your USB-C port. Thus, you can charge your smartphone while listening to music, for example via an external battery.

A USB/Lightning to jack adapter: an essential

If you have an iPhone and do not want to be limited to EarPods, you can choose a Lightning to jack adapter, signed by Apple. This will allow you to get the most out of it.

So don’t worry, the disappearance of mini-jack sockets and the massive arrival of USB Type-C ports with USB Audio does not harm the existing ecosystem thanks to adapters.

wireless speakers

At home, wireless speakers and connected speakers have largely replaced wired speakers. Our selection of the best Bluetooth speakers will help you find what you’re looking for, but here are some models to guide you.

8 /10

Sonos Roaming

  • The compact format
  • compatibility in place
  • Your wireless charging

Available in €179 at Fnac

The Sonos Roam connected speaker is perfect for use on the go. Its compact size together with an IP 67 certification allows it to be used everywhere. In the construction of the product, various command buttons are very easily accessible.

The other great advantage of this speaker lies in the compatibility it offers. The Sonos Roam is compatible with AirPlay 2, Google Assistant or even Amazon Alexa. The connected portable speaker offers balanced and, above all, versatile sound.

where to buy the

Sonos Roam at the best price?

8 /10

Ultimate Ears Wonder Boom 3

  • 360° sound
  • good autonomy
  • IP67 certificate

Available in €84 on Amazon

The Wonderboom 3 is an excellent little speaker for under $100. Compact, practical, cute, it’s simplicity in its purest form and we totally validate it. At just 10cm tall, with large, transparent buttons and an easy-to-clean coating, it can be taken anywhere to accompany your smartphone. The 360° sound is very pleasant and allows you to occupy the space well. It is also resistant to water and dust, and offers up to 14 hours of use, as well as multipoint Bluetooth, very practical for connecting both a phone and a computer.

Small drawback: it does not have a microphone, so you will have to disconnect it to take calls. Find his full test to learn more about him.

Where to buy

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 at the best price?

9 /10

Google nest audio

  • Satisfactory sound quality
  • very discreet look
  • easy to install
  • A price that does not go down

Available in 88 € in Cdiscount

To listen to music at home, nothing beats a connected speaker. The Google Nest Audio is arguably the best value for money you can get. It offers decent sound, all in a discreet format.

Google Nest Audio // Source: Frandroid

where to buy the

Google Nest Audio at the best price?

If you have an iPhone, definitely choose the HomePod mini, which offers optimal compatibility.

Where to buy

Apple HomePod mini at the best price?

Also find our complete guide to the best connected speakers.

How to listen to music on a smartphone without a connector?

Should we favor Bluetooth or USB connection?

Die-hard audiophiles will tell you that time and time again. A wired headset will always be better than a wireless device. Despite advances in Bluetooth and certifications, sound will be compressed over a wireless connection. For an average user, the difference won’t be felt, but they will know it exists. Check our tutorial to improve the sound quality of your products.

Which music streaming service to choose?

In recent years, streaming music offers have multiplied in the market. Services like Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music are available and offer different features for users. To get the most out of your music library, we invite you to consult our dedicated comparison.

Do you want to join a community of enthusiasts? Our Discord welcomes you, it is a place of mutual help and passion for technology.

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