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Android 14 has been released in Developer Preview! We explain how to download this version to install Android 14 on your smartphone.

Without prior notice, Google introduced, in February 2023, the future version of its flagship operating system, Android 14 in Developer Preview. It is a version dedicated to developers, far from the final version that we should see appear this summer on Pixels. Also, the facility itself is not meant to be accessible to just anyone.

At the moment, the news of Android 14 are quite limited. It highlights the arrival of a new security and privacy menu, a more detailed battery saving menu, a new way of measuring screen time or the arrival of application names on the taskbar for large screens. The news will accumulate throughout the versions and betas.

Where to download Android 14 DP 1?

If you want to download Android 14 Developer Preview 1, here are the direct links for the OTAs of each supported phone:

Currently, it is not possible to install Android 14 on another device. We highlight the disappearance of the Pixel 4a 4G, Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 4 from this list.

Comment Android 14 DP 1 installer ?

Attention ! Android Developer Preview builds are designed for developers, not for everyday use. Many errors may be present and many functions inaccessible. Also, this manipulation can make your phone permanently unusable in case of a problem. Therefore, we recommend that you do not try this on your main smartphone, especially if you are not sure what you are doing. Also, this manipulation could erase all the data on your phone. Consider making a backup first.

Do you still want to continue? So, follow the guide!

Install ADB on your computer

The first step is to install the ADB tools on your computer. You will find them on the Google site dedicated to developers. Select the version that matches your operating system in the ” Command line tools only“. On Windows, you will also need the Google USB drivers.

Once these tools are installed, copy the OTA file downloaded above to the same folder. Initially, you should have a file called “Command Line Tools” followed by numbers and letters in which you have placed your OTA file, the one containing the update you want to install.

Reboot into recovery mode

Now we can get to the heart of the matter. Start by enabling developer options on your Pixel. Then reboot the phone in mode recovery. To do this, turn off your phone, then turn it back on while holding down the Power and Volume Down buttons until Bootloader appears (a black page with inscriptions).

In this menu, you can navigate with the volume up and down buttons and validate with the Power button. Choose Recovery and you will see a bugdroid appear on its back with a red exclamation point. Then short press the Power button and Volume Up button to enter the Recovery strictly speaking. This step may require several tries.

Android 14 DP installer via ADB

Once in the phone recovery, choose the option Apply update from ADB.

Connect your smartphone to your computer and launch a command prompt on it. To do this, type “cmd” directly in the address bar of the folder where the file is located.

There, type Adb devices. You should see the name of the device appear. Then type the command adb sideload followed by the name of the OTA file (with the file extension .zip). On Linux and macOS, add./ facing this command, which givesSideload ./adb.

For a Pixel 6 Pro under Windows, you will therefore need to type adb sideload and validate.

Then Android 13 will be installed and your phone will return to the screen Recovery. Select Reboot Now to reboot, and you’re done! To check if the installation was successful, you can go to the phone options and see the Android version installed. In principle, in Android 14 DP, it is “Upside Down Pie”.

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