How to fully customize your lock screen on Android 13

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Here are some handy options to know how to customize the lock screen of your Galaxy smartphone with Samsung One UI 5 (Android 13).

How to customize the locked screen on Samsung One UI 5 (Android 13) // Source: Frandroid

One UI 5 is the interface to Android 13 available (or to come) on a fair number of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, like the Galaxy S22 Ultra that we use in this document. Overall, this software experience adds some subtle but exciting new features for users. Among them, we particularly highlight the possibility of easily changing various elements of the locked screen.

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Here’s how to customize your smartphone’s lock screen on Samsung One UI 5 (Android 13).

Customize the lock screen on Samsung smartphones (One UI 5)

In One UI 5, customizing your lock screen becomes really easy. The first step is to simply long-press on an empty area of ​​the screen.

So several options are available to you. But beware : before proceeding, know that you have to press the button Finished at the top right of the screen to save your changes. If you exit any other way, any customizations you have made will be lost.

Change the time display and notifications

With One UI 5, Samsung turned to the iOS 16 lock screen for inspiration for its watch design. Be warned, you won’t be able to move wallpaper elements in front of the clock, but you still have some cool options.

After the long press, you will see 24-hour frames appear and the area where notifications are displayed and you will have to press on them to access the customizations. You should already know that both frames allow you to change the display size of these items (with a swipe of your finger) or even remove them from the lock screen (by pressing the – button in the upper right corner).

Beyond that, you can enjoy some interesting customizations. On the clock to display a panel at the bottom of the screen where you can change the font of the numbers, the display style (alignment, layout, digital or analog, etc.), or the color. Also, for this last detail, know that the option on the far left of the palette allows you to automatically adapt the color of the clock according to that of the wallpaper so that it stands out well.

When you click on the notification frame, you can choose to show only icons (unobtrusive, but you have to press them to see alerts) or fill the width and show details. You will also have control over the level of transparency if you opt for the second option.

Change app shortcuts

By long-pressing on the locked screen, you can also change the app shortcuts that appear at the bottom. By default, you have the Phone (left) and Camera (right) apps. By clicking on one of the icons, you will be able to select other applications or tasks to run with those shortcuts.

Remember, though, that you’ll still need to unlock your phone to access an app like a music streaming platform, gallery, or YouTube, even through shortcut. On the other hand, turning on Do Not Disturb mode or flashlight is done instantly.

Change lock screen wallpaper

Another practical option after a long press: change the background of the locked screen. In fact, there is a button at the top left that allows direct access to the Check my wallpapers section in the Wallpaper and style settings.

All you have to do is choose from the wallpapers offered by Samsung or the images saved in its gallery.

Provide your contact details

Between the two app shortcuts at the bottom is a button to add your contact details to the home screen. One UI 5 allows you to display your phone number or email address in this space so you can be contacted if you lose your phone somewhere.

It is not sure that this option will appeal to everyone, probably many people do not want this type of personal information to be constantly displayed on the locked screen of their smartphones. However, it is always good to offer this possibility to those who feel they need it.

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