How to enable developer mode on Android?

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When it comes to developing on Android or extensively customizing the system, developer options quickly become indispensable. It is also thanks to them that we can activate the famous USB debugging. Here’s how to access these hidden settings.

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What is developer mode or developer options?

Enabling developer options is often the first action on an Android device for hackers and developers. HE “developer options» unlock parameters that are not necessary for the conventional use of the system, such as USB debugging, essential to manipulate your smartphone from commands on a computer.

These parameters can greatly affect sensitive system options and therefore it is important to act carefully to avoid any further malfunctions. Take care to understand what you are modifying before unlocking these options.

In some images, these are some of the options you can find in this menu in Android 13.

How to enable developer options

The path to activate the developer options may depend on the interface, and therefore the brand of the Android device. This guide is based on Google’s interface with Android 13 on a Pixel 7 Pro.

Enable developer mode in a nutshell

Here are some steps on how to activate developer mode on Android.

  1. Go to the settings of the Android device;
  2. Gonna “About of the phone» ;
  3. At the bottom, tap 7 times “build number» ;
  4. A message informs you that the options for developers appeared in the menu “System” settings.

the step by step guide

To enable access to Developer Options, go to settings then open the shutter about the device. Once this is done, simply tap seven times on the build number to unlock the developer options. A small window will appear at the top to let you know the number of taps remaining before activation is taken into account.

To validate the manipulation, the system will probably ask you for your unlock code or to identify yourself through a biometric sensor.

Done this, the menu developer options will appear in the game System from settings. From this menu you will be able to access several options that can also be relatively useful for non-developers, in particular access to USB debugging, practical in many cases when used with ADB.

Activate developer mode with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

With the Samsung Experience interface installed on the manufacturer’s Galaxy smartphones (Galaxy S, Galaxy Z, etc.),

  1. Go to device settings;
  2. Gonna “About of the phone» ;
  3. Gonna “software information» ;
  4. Play 7 times”version number» ;
  5. Developer options appear at the bottom of device settings.

Activate developer mode with a Xiaomi smartphone under MIUI

With MIUI, Xiaomi offers another organization of settings. Here’s how to access developer options with a smartphone running MIUI.

  1. Go to device settings;
  2. Gonna “About of the phone» ;
  3. Play 7 times”MIUI version» ;
  4. Developer options appear under additional settings.

Activate developer mode with an Oppo or OnePlus smartphone on ColorOS / OxygenOS

On Oppo and OnePlus, an additional step is added to the manipulation, with an additional submenu.

Activate developer mode with a Huawei or Honor smartphone with EMUI

Honor and Huawei do not modify the path to follow to activate the option, even if the settings interface is modified by EMUI.

  1. Go to the settings of the Android device;
  2. Go to system settings;
  3. Gonna “About of the phone» ;
  4. Play 7 times”build number» ;
  5. Developer options appear in system settings.

How to disable developer options

Disable developer options, it’s very simple! Just press the general button at the top of the famous options (the switch “Use developer options»).

Note that a reboot is required for this menu to disappear. In the event that it still appears, repeat the operation or clear the cache of the Settings application.

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