How to clean a screen or television?

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The image quality of the screen of your PC, smartphone or television does not only depend on its design. The accumulation of dust or fingerprints spoils the rendering and therefore the comfort of use. Here’s how to clean screens without damaging them.

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Whether it is a laptop, a PC or smartphone monitor or a television, the procedure for cleaning a screen is identical. The main difference will be at the level of the screen diagonal. Expect an average of 13 to 17 inches for a laptop, 17 to 32 inches for a computer screen, and 32 to 75 inches for a TV. Below we will detail how to properly clean a screen or television without risk.

How to clean a screen or television?

the right stuff

A good craftsman needs good tools, which is why we are going to list the ones necessary for optimal cleaning of your screen.

  • At least two soft cloths, even better if they are microfiber. Never use conventional fabrics like tea towels, napkins and also avoid paper towels which can scratch the surface.
  • Warm, clear water (preferably filtered to remove limescale) is sufficient to clean the screen. However, you can use a mixture of white vinegar or isopropyl alcohol (non-abrasive) in the proportions of 1/3 of the product to 2/3 of warm water. Finally, you can use household products dedicated to screens and only them! Still, plain water is enough in most cases.
  • Cotton swabs for the treatment of edges and corners.
  • Remember to turn off the screen to avoid damaging it while cleaning it. Also, dust, like fingerprints, is much more visible this way.

Don’t use any products that aren’t dedicated to screens, don’t vacuum in hopes of effortless dusting, never be brutal, and all should be well.

Remove dust and stains

If we can easily understand how dust can accumulate on a screen, sometimes the question arises of certain traces that seem to be embedded as if by magic.

  • First, use the first microfiber cloth to remove dust. Make a full-length or full-width move, so you don’t miss a square inch. Be delicate and never push.
  • Use a cotton swab to remove any dust that may accumulate around the edges of the screen. Once again, be delicate and gentle.
  • Now that we don’t have any more dust on the surface, we slightly moisten the second microfiber cloth with lukewarm water or a product dedicated to screens. It does not need to be soaked in liquid, it should be very slightly damp. To do this, preferably use a spray on the cloth.
  • Then, make a smooth circular motion from the center of the screen to its edges.
  • Finally, reuse the first cloth to remove any traces of moisture with circular movements from the center of the screen to the ends.

At this point, your screen should be clean, but smudges may remain! Curb your first instinct which will surely be to rub harder, or even scratch the mark. Just never do it and follow these tips instead.

  • Moisten the second soft cloth again.
  • Go back in a circular motion on the tracks, but concentrating only on the dirty area.
  • If the trace persists, start over, humidity and movement will eventually eliminate it.
  • Always finish with a wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

To prevent these types of persistent traces from reappearing, remember to clean the screen regularly.

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