how to add rugby matches to Google Calendar and iCalendar

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Here’s how to add Rugby Six Nations matches to your Google Calendar or iCalendar.

A rugby ball // Source : Edgar Pimenta via Unsplash

Sublime, magnificent, vibrant. A game of rugby in the Six Nations Tournament has a special flavor, something that makes it incredible to watch (with a few exceptions, of course, which we prefer quickly to forget). Except that in order to follow a meeting, it is better to know in advance when it will take place. Therefore, Google Calendar and iCalendar can be very useful for you.

Here’s how to add Six Nations 2023 matches to Google Calendar and iCalendar. To make the most of the beautiful rugby by watching it on the channels of the France Télévisions group. What to expect before the World Cup that will take place in France later this year.

Add the Six Nations Tournament schedule in Google Calendar and iCalendar

In both cases, note that you will need to go to a dedicated page on the competitor’s site. by clicking here. You will find an “Add to Calendar” table. It consists of seven lines. One for the Six Nations Tournament and the others for the participating teams: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales.

The dedicated page on the Six Nations Tournament website for adding the match schedule

To add ALL the matches of the tournament, it is the first line that interests us. Do not pay attention to the shell on the official website. It says Six Nations 2022, but the calendar you’re about to import has been updated for Six Nations 2023. We promise.

The easiest way is to click on the first button. Copy. Then go to Google Calendar or iCalendar to paste this valuable text there.

In the Google calendar

On your PC, open Google Calendar and click the + button next to “Other Calendars.” In the small menu that opens, select the “From URL” option.

In the interface that opens, paste the link into the “Calendar URL” text field. Then click the “Add a calendar” button. That’s it, the next matches of the Six Nations 2023 appear on your calendar.

Six Nations matches on Google Calendar // Source: Frandroid

If you clicked Discharge Instead of Copy on the tournament site, you will have downloaded an .ics file. Don’t panic, we have a tutorial explaining how to add an iCalendar (.ics) event in Google Calendar.

in iCalendar

For iCalendar, from your Mac, go to Files > Calendar Subscription and paste the URL you copied from the Six Nations site. Hey, wait for the rugby match schedule to be added to your schedule.

Six Nations matches on iCalendar // Source: Frandroid

If you previously clicked Download from the official site, then you have downloaded an .ics file. To import it to your calendar you just have to open it and a window will open on your computer offering you to add the calendar. Click OK and you have all the meetings on your agenda.

In either Google Calendar or iCalendar, consider renaming the calendar to delete “2022” and put “2023” in its place. Returning to the dedicated site, you can also add the matches of your favorite team. Just click on the right line.

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