How to add an iCalendar event (.ics) to Google Calendar

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Want to share an iCalendar calendar or event on your Google Calendar? The operation is not very complex if you have a file. ics at hand. To learn how to add an .ics file to Google Calendar, follow this tutorial.

Adding a calendar or events from iCalendar is very simple. It is enough in advance to extract, export this data in a file. integrated circuits However, this Apple format is open and can be used by most market newspapers, software or online services.

How to add one. ics to Google Calendar?

From your Internet browser, connect to (this is the URL for Google Calendar).

  • First, identify the section month agendas (My Calendars), which displays all your calendars, those created by you and those associated with Other newspapers (Other calendars).
Source: Yazid Amer – Frandroid
  • right of the line Other newspapers there is a button +».
  • Click on it, then in the context menu that appears, on Importer .
Source: Yazid Amer – Frandroid
  • A window opens allowing you to select the file to import. In our case, it is the school calendar available on the National Education website. At the bottom of the window, the section add to calendar allows you to choose the existing calendar where you will add the file information. integrated circuits

  • Click the buttonImporterto start the process.
Source: Yazid Amer – Frandroid

Now we have in our calendar, all the elements of the School Holidays 2023 agenda. If you want to integrate them into a new calendar, you must necessarily create it before importing the file. integrated circuits

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