How to access the administrator interface of your Internet Box?

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To monitor your local network, troubleshoot your connection, or simply change your Wi-Fi password, you’ll need to access the user interface of your Internet box using the IP address 192.168.xx. This guide will help you know how to take it according to your Internet service provider.

For initial setup, troubleshooting, or simply changing your home network’s Wi-Fi password, in most cases, you’ll be prompted to access the management or administration interface of your Internet box or router. Internet service providers use more or less the same methods, but there are some notable differences, including the IP address:

At first, it is necessary to understand that your internet box is ultimately just the simple combination of a modem and a router. In other words, it is a device that distributes the fiber/ADSL/cable network connected to your home, with or without cable, to all your home and mobile devices.

Not all these Internet boxes have screen management interfaces, all operators have developed their own administration interfaces accessible simply from an Internet browser or through mobile applications.

These are the main functions and options available from these interfaces:

  • View the list of devices connected to the local network in real time (computers, phones, tablets, connected objects, etc.).
  • Access to diagnosis and troubleshooting of the box.
  • Wi-Fi network management (activation, guest network, password, SSID, etc.).
  • Management of TV settings and dedicated decoder.
  • Change firewall settings.
  • DHCP server management.
  • Enable/disable IPv6.
  • set up a VPN

How to access the administrator interface of your Livebox (orange)

From a web browser

Whether you have a model 4 or 5 Livebox, the procedure is identical in all respects. First check that your Livebox is operational on the network by checking that all lights are on on the box. Also, make sure your local device is connected to the network via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.

Next, start your regular internet browser, and then do the following:

  • Use the following address:
  • Enter the following IP address in the search bar:

This is the default gateway IP address, it may vary depending on your device and its settings.

An authentication menu is revealed in which you must enter under the username “Admin” the password that Orange provided you when you received the box. Basically, these are the first 8 characters of the default Wi-Fi password, accessible in Livebox.

Livebox Wi-Fi Security Key Please note that in LiveBox Play, the password must be set when connecting to the interface for the first time. Then click the button


to access the administration interface of your Livebox.

Livebox admin interface

From a smartphone

Once your smartphone is connected to the box via Wi-Fi, you can also access the interface from a web browser. However, there is another, easier way to use: go through the My Livebox app available on iOS and Android.

Once the network is connected and recognized, simply enter the same password as for the Web version to access the Livebox administration interface.

How to access the administrator interface of your Freebox (Free)

From a web browser Whether for Freebox Revolution, Mini 4K, Freebox Pop or Freebox Delta, access to the administration interface remains the same:Note that “guest mode” is open by default at first login. To connect, you must define a password with your Free ID. When changing the password, you will be asked to authorize it directly from Freebox with the right arrow. The latest version of the interface is called

free box OS 4.5


Freebox operating system management interface

From a smartphone

You can also control your Freebox settings from anywhere using your smartphone with the Freebox and Freebox Connect apps.

How to access the administrator interface of your Bbox (Bouygues Telecom)

  • From a web browser
  • For all Bbox models, these are the two options to connect to the administration interface of the Web version: use address Copy and paste the IP address the search barDuring the first connection, an installation phase is necessary. Click on “

start installation

“. You will then be asked to press the Wi-Fi button on the Bbox to set a password. Once chosen, you have direct access to the Bbox management interface.

Bbox admin interface

From a smartphone

It is with the Bouygues Télécom Customer Area application that you will be able to control your Bbox at home and remotely. During the first connection, you will be prompted for the same identifiers and passwords as for the web version.

How to access the administrator interface of your SFR Box (SFR)

  • From a web browser Once your computer is connected via cable or Wi-Fi to your SFR box, please do the following during the first connection to the management interface: Enter the IP address
  • in the browser search bar. go to menu Maintenancethen in the tab
  • Administration . Unlock access physically by pressing the button
  • wps button

for 5 seconds.

(optional) Then choose a password to unlock the interface without pressing the button on the box.

You will then have access to the administration interface of your SFR box from a web browser. sfr admin box interfaceIf you have a THD box, access to the interface is through the address or with the IP address

. Then use your username and password to log in to the interface. The default password is indicated on the label attached under the SFR box.

From a smartphone

All the management of your box is possible from your smartphone thanks to the SFR & Me application. All you have to do is fill in usernames and passwords to connect to your box and manage your settings from home or remotely. What are the best fiber and ADSL offers?If you still do not have a Fiber, ADSL or cable decoder, or if you want to change it, we invite you to consult

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