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On Netflix there are secret codes that allow access to very specific categories of movies, anime and series. Here is a list of these Netflix hidden codes.

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Netflix’s catalog is gigantic and you’ve certainly only seen a small part of it when browsing the streaming video platform’s interface, despite the entire afternoons you spend scrolling through the little boxes instead of launching a show. Unfortunately, this is what happens when the offer is too dense and not necessarily well ranked.

On your home page, Netflix will display your personal list, the biggest hits on the platform, current trends, but also certain specific categories based on your affinities. These categories of movies and series are very numerous and they all correspond to a very specific secret code. Thus, with the correct Netflix code, you can access a specific genre of movie, series or anime. If you have a special craving tonight, now is the time to search the list for the Netflix secret code that matches your mood.

How to redeem Netflix codes?

Each category defined by Netflix corresponds to a code. You can access by entering the URL directly in your browser followed by the code in question. For anime, for example, the code is 7424. So the URL is 7424.

Please note that some Netflix codes change and may no longer be available depending on catalog entries and exits. We’ll try to keep this article as up-to-date as possible and only offer codes for categories that have enough content that they don’t disappear overnight.

What are Netflix secret codes?

In total, there are more than 27,000 different Netflix codes, which classify content not only by genre and era, but also by actor or director. So that you do not have to search for them by hand, we have selected for you those that seem most relevant to us.

action adventure netflix codes

Netflix Anime Codes

Netflix Comedy Codes

Netflix codes by decade

Netflix Documentary Codes

Netflix drama codes

International Netflix Movie Codes

Horror Netflix Codes

Netflix Codes for Teens and Kids

Netflix Romance Codes

Netflix Sci-Fi & Fantasy Codes

Netflix series codes

Netflix Sport Codes

Netflix Thrillers Codes

Other Netflix codes

What are these “hidden” Netflix codes for?

As you can see by reading through the categories, Netflix classifies its content based on genre, topic, time period, origin, target audience, actors and actresses, directors, awards won, and more. By combining these different ratings and a healthy dose of artificial intelligence, Netflix is ​​able to accurately highlight you on its home page, the content that is likely to please you.

This, however, creates an effectfilter bubblewhich will relegate the rest of the catalog to the background. These different secret codes will therefore allow you to delve into the depths of the list of Netflix movies and series. There are also other codes, not listed here, that you can find in Finder.

Unfortunately, these addresses are only available from a browser, making them difficult to find from the app on a smartphone or TV, for example. Therefore, we recommend that you explore them calmly from your computer and add the content that interests you to your list for later.

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