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Like many manufacturers, Audi now offers remote OTA (over-the-air) updates on its cars. And it is the Q4 e-tron that sets the standard and benefits from many additional functions to optimize charging and consumption, among other things.

Until then, to correct a small problem or do a software update on your car, you had to go to the workshop or dealership. Quite a waste of time, of course, not to mention the expenses, since the manufacturer usually invoices each operation at a high price. But that is changing, and having to go to your mechanic to upgrade will soon be history thanks to OTA updates.

New functions

This technology, which means ” by air » simply designates updates can be done remotely, without physical intervention. Tesla has been offering it in its vehicles for several years now, since the Model S. This has allowed the manufacturer to correct certain safety problems, for example. A few years ago, Tesla dramatically increased the charging power of its Model 3 Propulsion, from 100 to 170 peak kW. Which reduces the recharge duration on a Supercharger.

Audi now offering OTA updates for its Q4 e-tron. As announced in a press release, the firm offers all new copies produced now the latest version of the software that allows OTA updates on both the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Volvo models. Both the standard version and the Sportback coupe version are affected by this new feature.

This allows the electric SUV to take advantage of new features such as Plug & Charge. Already offered by Skoda, Cupra, BMW or even Tesla, Plug & Charge simply allows connect your car without having to identify yourself with a card. Charging starts automatically as soon as the car is connected to the charging station. Several carriers also offer this feature, including Ionity or Fastned recently.

But that’s not the only improvement that’s been made to electric SUV charging. The latter also benefits from the “Preferential charging time” function, which simply allows you to schedule the recharge to start only at off-peak hours. This saves money and reduce stress on the electrical gridin a particularly difficult context for several months.

optimized consumption

Meanwhile, the charging power has been revised upwards, asincreases to 135 kW in direct current, against 125 kW until now. If Audi has not specified whether the charging time is changing, while until then it had to be counted 29-36 minutes to go from 5 to 80% depending on battery size. It is also possible to limit the maximum recharge to 80% to extend battery life.

Consumption has been optimized thanks to a reworked version of power management software. Thus, new parameters such as outside temperature and charge level are now taken into account during battery conditioning. However, nothing has been communicated about autonomy, which varies between 342 and 520 kilometers WLTP depending on the version.

Now the driver can use the route planner in the MyAudi app to send it directly to his car before starting a journey. The latter can also be used for locate vehicle position, which can be especially useful in the event of an accident. In the event of a problem, it will be possible to call assistance directly from the application. This OTA update also brings new customization possibilities.

In fact, it will be possible to modify the ambient lighting, as well as the images in the background of the touch screen. The Audi Connect Navigation and Infotainment Plus package also allows you to take advantage of the Alexa virtual assistant. Last May, the manufacturer also announced that it had partnered with Apple Music, but it is not known if this functionality will arrive with this update.

Customers who already have a Q4 e-tron will be able to go to a dealership to upgrade your car. But beware, from then on they will not be able to benefit from OTA updates, Plug and Charge or customization. To do this, you simply have to… buy a new car.

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