Honor performs as well as Google, but lags behind some competitors

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So far, Honor has been long behind in the field of major Android updates reserved for its phones. The manufacturer is catching up a bit, but it lags behind Samsung, OnePlus or Oppo.

Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

The software experience on smartphones has been the subject of a tough battle in 2022. With, at the center of the fight, the number of major Android updates planned for this or that range. The best students in this area are none other than Samsung, Oppo and OnePlus, whose flagships are entitled to four generations of updates.

This strong choice offers greater software longevity to our devices, which can benefit for at least four years from all the great Android news. The security patches that have been deployed for five years are also excellent news for the security of your mobile.

3 years of MAJ

Except until now, Honor clearly wasn’t one of the champions in this area… with only two major Android updates. This was the case, for example, with the Honor 70, which we tested in September 2022. With it, it was accompanied by three years of security patches. But in reality, it is too little.

Honor Magic 5 Pro // Source: Frandroid

However, the Chinese manufacturer wants to correct the situation and announced it in an email, through android authority – the implementation of three years of Android updates. This change takes note with the Honor Magic 5 Pro, which we were able to carry by hand as part of MWC 2023, as well as the foldable Magic Vs, planned for France.

Security also extended

Another piece of good news, security patches will be rolled out for five years. Again, this is a small leap forward, always welcome. Above all, this puts Honor on the same wavelength as Google, which is limited to three Android updates and five years worth of patches, even though the operating system belongs to it.

Honor still has little efforts to make to catch up with Samsung, Oppo and OnePlus, but we can only praise this beautiful approach.

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