Honor Magic 5 Pro formalized: be good everywhere

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The Honor Magic 5 Pro has just been made official at MWC 2023. A high-end smartphone that boasts of combining power, photographic quality, a beautiful screen, and autonomy with fast charging. A great promise on paper.

Honor Magic 5 Pro
Source : Honor

At MWC 2023 we were able to attend the official presentation of the Honor Magic 5 Pro. Here we tested a high-end smartphone that does not want to crash against high-flying competition in this segment.

We had the opportunity to take the Honor Magic 5 Pro in hand. In this article we are going to detail rather the elements that the brand proposes to try to seduce you. With everything, you can already tell that he wants to be good at everything.

A design marked by the photo block

The design, first of all, is very refined with its slightly curved screen and, above all, its large photographic module on the back. Here we find the aesthetic code already introduced in the predecessor, the Magic 4 Pro, and that Honor really wants to impose as the paw of it.

Honor Magic 5 Pro
Source : Honor

However, the photographic block, impressive as it is, has the merit of integrating well with the rest of the rear surface thanks to an integration that we could describe as “gentle“. Understand that the module does not protrude sharply, the joint is well curved.

A screen that loves you well

Count on some rather imposing dimensions with a height of 162.9 mm. Also, the phone shows 219 grams on the scale. All this allows a 6.81-inch screen, 1312 x 2848 pixels, Oled and with an adaptive refresh rate up to 120 Hz.

The screen in question promises, in particular, to go up to 1800 nits in HDR, while color fidelity is a brand argument. However, one of the main arguments of the slab undoubtedly resides in its particular refresh technique that, according to Honor, allows you not to tire your eyes too quickly. There’s even a circadian rhythm mode: the display’s calibration changes throughout the day so it doesn’t interrupt her sleep.

And proof that this phone’s screen has more than one trick up its sleeve, DXOMARK simply gave it the best score in its ranking, with a score of 151.

Add to that TÜV Rheinland certified Low Blue Light Emission and you have an item that should come up often in communication about the Honor Magic 5 Pro.

Power and 50 Mpx x3

Obviously, all this will not make us forget two essential assets: the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for maximum power and care in the photographic part. For the latter, it is worth noting in particular that the three photosensors at the rear have a definition of 50 Mpx.

The main camera is based on a large 1/1.12-inch sensor with a lens aperture of f/1.6. In other words, the smartphone relies on capturing light in quantity in order to function in harsh conditions. Knowing that Honor’s photo processing tends to appeal to the general public, you’ll have to keep a close eye on it. Meanwhile, the Magic 5 Pro inherits the best DXOMARK rating with a score of 152.

You’ll also be entitled to an ultra-wide angle (f/2.0, 122 degrees) and a telephoto lens for 3.5x optical magnification (f/3.0). Digital zoom goes up to 100x.

Honor Magic 5 Pro
Source : Honor

At the front, note a 12 Mpx (f/2.4) selfie sensor. The latter is housed in a rather large tablet in the upper corner of the screen. Why that look? Because the Honor Magic 5 Pro offers 3D facial recognition that wouldn’t fit in a smaller space.

The 5100 mAh battery, which promises a robust autonomy, is recharged with a 66 W block supplied in the box. You will not be left out of wireless charging capable of reaching up to 50 W.

Also, let’s mention 5G support, Wi-Fi 6, eSIM, and default Android 13 integration (with MagicOS 7.1 interface). Important updates will be provided for three years. Five years for security.

Honor Magic 5 Pro price and release date

The Honor Magic 5 Pro arrives in France at the recommended price of 1,199 euros in its only configuration: 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage (not expandable).

For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with so much storage officially sells for 400 euros more expensive.

N.B. Our journalist Omar Belkaab is in Barcelona to cover MWC 2023 in its entirety, but he is there as part of a press trip organized by Honor.

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