His ultra-premium electric mountain bike costs more than a Citroën Ami

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Designed together with Fantic, the Audi Electric Mountain Bike is a premium electric mountain bike that stands out both for its exclusive braking system and for its price, which is dangerously close to 10,000 euros.

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Seeing car manufacturers embark on the adventure of electric bicycles is no longer surprising in 2023. This is demonstrated by the positioning of Porsche, recent owner of Fazua, which renewed its range of high-end electric bicycles at the end of 2022. This trend seems to be gradually confirmed over the months.

For its part, Audi has recently been talked about through its Audi Electric Mountain Bike, presented at the end of January -via eBike News. This model was designed together with the Italian manufacturer Fantic, which specializes in electric bicycles and motorcycles. Here, the idea was to develop an ultra-high-end VTTAE equipped with unique technologies.

One of them is none other than IN.CA.S. As the Lordgun site, specialized in the sale of bicycles and accessories, explains, this “system offers the possibility of customizing the braking system using different pump diameters, in order to adapt the system to both the cyclist and the type of terrain».

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What could be considered modulated braking is relatively rare on e-bikes. Additionally, this setup is fitted with 220mm discs up front, versus 200mm at the rear. In short, the idea is to provide a secure and adjustable solution for a user who can use various types of terrain.

VVTAE obliges, the Audi Electric Mountain Bike is equipped with an Öhlins RXF D-38 suspension fork and rear suspension with 180mm travel, paired with ultra-wide tires, a dropper seatpost and a SRAM GX Eagle 12″ drivetrain. speeds. There are a total of 4 assist modes available.

As for the engine, Audi has used the Brose S-MAG engine with a very generous 90 Nm of torque, which should provide a large dose of dynamism for times and acceleration. On paper, it is in any case very promising. The battery capacity reaches 720 Wh: no theoretical autonomy is specified.

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Audi, for its part, is satisfied with the price of its electric bike: 8,900 euros. It’s hard to say if the company is charging for the brand here. However, the price of VTTAE often reaches the heights regarding the advanced technologies that are integrated there.

We are thinking specifically of the Lightrider E Ultimate (6,500 euros), the Mondraker Crafty Carbon XR LTD (more than 10,000 euros) or the Scott Lumen eRide 900 SL (from 7,000 euros). If we want to push the comparison game, the Audi model costs more expensive than a Citroën Ami, available from 7,790 euros in its minimum configuration.

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