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Seat has presented its first 50 cc electric scooter, with the sober name of SEAT MÓ 50. On paper, this model has a very interesting technical sheet. Its price has just been announced: 5,900 euros.

Source : Seat

Article updated on March 14, 2023: Seat has just announced the price of its Mo 50 in a press release: 5,900 euros, or from 89 euros per month in LLD (long-term rental) for 37 months, with a contribution of 900 euros (covered by the ecological bonus). and with 15,000 km included.

Original article of December 22, 2022 After an interesting entry on the matter with its SEAT MÓ 125 –and a recently presented Performance version–, the manufacturer Seat reinforces its offer of electric scooters with a new model: the SEAT MÓ 50, which, as its name indicates, belongs to the category 50cc, we found out in a press release.

Visually, this version looks like two peas in a pod to its older brothers. Here, the Spanish manufacturer does not take risks and bets on the safe side with a proven and successful aesthetic formula. However, 50cc obliges, this model loses power and top speed.

Space under the saddle

Its 4 Wh motor offers a maximum speed of 45 km/h. Speed ​​that the machine is capable of reaching in just 3.8 seconds -great performance- thanks to its generous 100Nm torque and its Sport mode. In other words, this SEAT MÓ 50 could be an interesting ally to get out of traffic at a red light.

Two other modes are offered: Sport and Eco, combined with a reverse gear that supposedly simplifies maneuvering. Vehicle weight is not stated, but offering reverse on a 50cc is a rare enough occurrence to underscore. This is a feature that doesn’t necessarily fall into this category.

Another important asset: the space under the saddle. Seat claims that a total of two helmets can be stowed underneath. Again, for a 50cc, that’s no small feat. This beautiful space is linked to the lateral positioning of the battery, when other scooters prefer to mount it directly under the seat. It definitely takes up space.

The battery, precisely, opts for a capacity of 5.6 kW. Seat promises a range of 172 kilometers, probably obtained with the least powerful mode. Here it is difficult to estimate a precise radius of action: only a large-scale test lasting several days will give you a better idea.

Deliveries in the first quarter of 2023

In a domestic socket, the charge ranges between 6 and 8 hours. In other words, favor the night to fully recharge your scooter. There’s also talk of a rear shock, disc brakes, two USB ports, and app compatibility. Again, the promise looks great considering the advanced elements.

We imagine that it is a scooter designed in collaboration with the Spanish manufacturer Silence that already supplied the base of the 125 cc model. If Silence has many 50 cc’s in its catalogue, the models are nothing like this SEAT MÓ 50.

Available in Barcelona Gray and Tarifa Blue, the SEAT MÓ 50 will be manufactured from January 2023, with deliveries during the first quarter. At the time of writing these lines, no price list has been communicated by the Ibérica brand.

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