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Specialized’s first electric utility bike has been unveiled in detail by the American brand, following a teaser image revealed in October 2022. At the moment, this bike is only launching in the US, but it could land here as well.

Source : Specialized

In October 2022, Specialized introduced a new brand called Globe. This entity aims to offer useful, practical and affordable electric bicycles, whose mission is to replace cars. A bit like long-tail, two-way or three-way cargo bikes.

At that time, the first images of the Globe Haul ST had been released… without any technical information being released. This time the brand from the other side of the Atlantic was more talkative by presenting its vehicle in detail, we learn from the side ofelectric.

First of all, it’s important to clarify one important thing: at the moment, the Globe Haul ST is only released in the United States, with a version capable of turning at 45 km/h. In Europe, this type of machine is considered a speed motorcycle: it is therefore governed by the moped regulations (insurance, license plate, etc.).

Is a European version coming?

However, the manufacturer would also consider marketing it internationally, he understands bike radar. In this case, a version limited to 25 km/h could be planned in Europe. For the rest, the Globe Haul ST tries to lower its price as much as possible in view of the $2,700 it asks.

At this price, it’s an aluminum frame and one size fits all. But to adapt to the maximum number of users, the stem and handlebars are adjustable and suitable for cyclists between 135 and 195 cm tall. Its 35 kg weight is not surprising for what could be considered a compact longtail.

Source : Specialized

Its load capacity of 195 kg is also in the classic average for longtails. Thus, it can be equipped with a bag, a rear passenger seat for transporting a child, and a footrest. The front rack is MIK compatible, a very practical standard for attaching various accessories.

The 20-inch Carless Whisper Reflect wheels stand out with their 3.5-inch width, which should ensure a modicum of user comfort. This is also the only rig actually designed to improve comfort, as there is no suspension fork or suspended seat in the kit.

A theoretical autonomy to put into perspective

9-speed Microshift transmission, five levels of assistance, hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear lights, standard fenders, center stand to ensure good stability when stationary, IPX7 certification – the Globe Haul ST enjoys a certain balance, all improved for its 700 removable. What battery?

According to the brand, the theoretical autonomy would reach 100 km, although it is necessary to verify this data during a complete test. Additionally, this type of reach communicated by brands is generally achieved with the lowest level of support. Therefore, caution should be exercised.

This radius of action is also closely linked to the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the two-wheeled vehicle: with a speed of 25 km/h, we can bet on a much greater autonomy. Let’s see if the European version -whenever it exists- will have such a generous battery.

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