Here’s Google’s idea to relaunch its Material You with emojis

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Google would integrate an Emoji Lab in Pixel Experience that would allow the creation of wallpapers from emojis. A good idea to revive interest around Material You.

Source: XDA

Android 14 Developer Preview 2 (DP2) has been released and with each new version comes its share of small new features. Some are more hidden than others. XDA has managed to discover a feature that should delight fans of customization.

Reserved for pixels, this is a feature called Emoji WallpaperA. The idea is summed up in the name: an automatic emoji-inspired wallpaper generator.

Remember before continuing that it is available in DP2 of Android 14, a version that aims to test elements with developers. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the functionality will make it to the stable version of Android 14. That said, given the success of Material You and its ability to anchor the Pixel Experience in the minds of future buyers, we can imagine that Google is betting For this. idea to renew your concept.

How does it work ?

Basically, the feature is not activated and requires a little adjustment in the settings. Once activated, we see that a new option appears in the wallpaper and style options called: emoji lab.

The interface then offers to choose a color and associate it with an emoji. Different models are offered for the distribution of emojis: mosaic, lotus, stacked, sprinkled or prism. A random button also allows luck to choose.

Each association can be saved and reused at will from the wallpaper menu.

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