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Recently, the maximum resolution of YouTube videos that can be played on the touch screen of Tesla electric cars is limited to 360p, which is a visually degraded quality. But there is a very simple solution to remedy this small problem.

Steam over Tesla Model S
Steam over Tesla Model S

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Since its arrival on the market, Tesla has always acted like a true UFO. And for good reason, the firm was one of the first to offer such successful electric cars, notably with the arrival of the Model S in 2012. The sedan was also the first to be equipped with such a large screen,a diagonal of 17 inches. Today, the latter has gone horizontal and equips all the brand’s models, up to the latest Model Y and Model 3.

A new limitation

The latter incorporates many functions, such as the possibility of playing video games thanks, in particular, to the recent arrival of Steam. But for a long time it has also been possible to watch videos on Netflix and Youtube. But now, for the last few days, the owners have been faced with a bit of disappointment, as shown in a video posted on Reddit.

We then see a motorist trying to change the quality of YouTube videos in his Model 3. However, now it seems impossibleeven if the vehicle is connected to Wi-Fi. resolution is now limited to 360p whatever the viewing conditions, compared to the previous 1440p. Or a drastic drop in visual quality.

But how is this done? Truth be told, this is pretty vague, but it sounds like the concern isn’t coming from Tesla but from Google, which bought the streaming video site in 2006.

In fact, the media Not a Tesla app explains that apps offered in Tesla cars, like YouTube, are really just touch screen accessible sites. Thus, this allows the brand to not have to offer native services that would require more computing power. However, this is already high at Tesla, whose infotainment system claims no less than 10 TeraFLOPS, thanks to an AMD Ryzen chip, identical to the one in PS5 and Xbox Series X.

So, the changes would logically be made by YouTube and not Tesla. However, other services such as Netflix and Disney + are also affected in the brand’s cars. Would she then willingly lowered quality to reduce costs ? Because whoever says more resolution says more bandwidth requirements. However, the brand uses AT&T services to offer its connected services in the United States, the price of which varies depending on the amount of data used.

The builder then charges $9.99 per month to their clients. Therefore, you have every interest in reducing your expenses in order to increase your profits. These have already broken records in 2023, but the firm is preparing for one of the worst years in its history in 2023.

What solution?

Unfortunately, connecting to a Wi-Fi network doesn’t seem to change anything. If this shouldn’t have a real visual impact on the 8-inch screens installed at the rear of the Tesla Model S and Model X, it should show up a bit more on the 15-inch screen at the front. However, there is a solution to remedy this problem, and it is quite simple to implement.

In fact, user u/taska9 explained on Reddit that all you have to do is copy and paste video url in browser of the car, clearly indicating the definition. For example : Therefore, the vehicle is forced to use the classic version of YouTube as in a standard browser, which allowsget better quality.

The interior of the Tesla Model Y // Source: Bob JOUY for Frandroid

Another trick is also to open the YouTube app and then go to the “Settings” menu. You then need to double-click on the definition drop-down list. If nothing appears on the screen, it is completely normal. Then just use the left wheel on your steering wheel to change the quality.

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