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Are your drawers filled with a multitude of different chargers and you systematically waste time finding the one you need? Compact, the Force Power charger made in France can recharge smartphones and tablets on its own at a maximum power of 30 W. In addition, it is guaranteed for life.

The Force Power charger // Source: BigBen Connected.

Each device has its own charger. This old reflection persists among some users, convinced that these devices are only compatible with a single product. However, in most cases, a single model can be enough to charge all your mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles, headphones. This will even be strongly encouraged within the European Union from 2024 with USB-C imposed as the standard wired charging port on a host of electronics.

Specialized in high-tech accessories, the Force Power brand has launched a powerful, smart and compact home charger. With its 30W output and Power Delivery compatibility, this Force Power charger can quickly charge all smartphones and tablets on the market.

Offered at 39.99 euros, this charger is not only designed and Made in Francebut it is also tested and certified in France. As a bonus, you benefit with a lifetime guarantee. In fact, you can exchange your product in the event of a breakdown, and this for life! And until February 28, take advantage of a 5 euro discount on this Force Power power adapter with the promo code FORCE5.

A smart charger for multiple devices

At first glance, finding the right AC adapter for your smartphone or tablet is not easy, as you have to make sure that its charging power matches that of the device to be charged. Especially since we now find different proprietary charging technologies, which differ depending on the manufacturer.

The Force Power charger can charge smartphones and tablets on USB-C thanks to Power Delivery. // Source: BigBen connected.

To overcome these drawbacks and offer a charger Made in France Suitable for most smartphones and tablets, Force Power has designed this universal charger, compatible with Power Delivery technology via USB-C. It is currently the most universal fast charging standard available. This power adapter detects the maximum power your device can handle and automatically adjusts it when charging.

Therefore, Force Power is suitable for older smartphone models limited to standard charging, as well as newer models that support fast charging under 30W, such as the iPhone 14 (20W), Samsung Galaxy S22 / S23 (25 W), or the Redmi Note 10 (18 W).

A powerful yet compact charger that is easy to store and transport

Another great advantage of the Force Power: its compact size. If its wide compatibility already allows it to replace most USB-C chargers in the house, its small size allows you to save even more space in your drawers. It also allows you to easily take it with you, so you don’t run out of battery when you travel.

The BigBen Connected Force Power charger features GaN technology. // Source: BigBen connected.

This feat is guaranteed by GaN technology, still rare in smartphone and tablet chargers. Silicon, the main material contained in the chargers, is then replaced by gallium nitride, limiting overheating. Thanks to it, the components can be placed closer to each other, which makes the charger more compact.

A lifetime guarantee

If the Force Power Made in France charger is lighter and more compact than the standard models offered by manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, it is also resistant to bumps and scratches.

And while this mains charger is solid, Force Power guarantees it for life. In the event of a breakdown or malfunction of this charger, the French brand will send you a new model in exchange (with a limit of one replacement per year).

Both Force Power and Force Glass and Force Case have a lifetime warranty. // Source: BigBenConnected.

Furthermore, Force Power not only brilliantly combines power, broad compatibility and compactness, but also benefits from good build quality. In fact, this charger is produced and assembled in France, and more precisely in Franche-Comté. This is quite rare in the high-tech market, which is still largely dominated by Asian productions.

Currently available at a price of 39.99 euros (34.99 euros after 5 euros discount with the promo code FORCE5, valid until February 28, 2023), this charger reinforces the list of products guaranteed for life in the Force Glass and Force Case ranges. Even the latest smartphone models, like the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, are entitled to their guaranteed lifetime protection, whether it’s for their screen or the rear camera. That’s not counting the MagSafe-compatible cases, which are also guaranteed for life.

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