here is a new robot vacuum cleaner with LIDAR navigation at a low price

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Midea breaks the codes and formalizes a new robot vacuum cleaner that is as complete as it is affordable, the M9. She washes, vacuums, and can even dodge obstacles in her path, but without breaking the bank.

Midea is recognized for the excellent equipment-price ratio of its household appliances. To expand its offer, the Chinese group is launching a new 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner, the Midea M9, ​​which vacuums and washes the floor.

Powerful, this model incorporates advanced technologies, normally reserved for the highest-end devices, such as:

  • 4000 Pa powerful suction;
  • high pressure washing;
  • carpet detection with automatic mop lift;
  • object avoidance;
  • 3D mapping on several floors.

The Midea M9 is launched at a very competitive price of 303 euros, which is much lower than most high-end models on the market.

A powerful 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner

With its new M9, Midea promises a deep cleaning of the floor. This model has a suction power of 4000 Pa, capable of removing the smallest dust such as animal hair.

To make vacuuming even more efficient and remove dust found in hard-to-reach areas, Midea has provided 2 side brushes. They protrude slightly from the appliance and can therefore release dust on the edges of skirting boards or furniture. And thanks to its V-shaped main brush, the hair no longer sticks. Suction power can be maintained throughout the cleaning session.

The Midea M9 automatically adapts to detected terrain // Source: Midea

The Midea M9 is also capable of detecting carpets and as soon as you step on them, the suction power automatically increases to clean them thoroughly. And in order not to dirty them with your mop, the M9 raises it by itself to a height of 10 mm.

Conversely, when the Midea M9 is on a hard floor, the mop is subjected to strong pressure, so that the oldest and most stubborn stains do not resist. In addition, three levels of water flow are possible depending on the degree of dirt on the floor. As for the suction power, its configuration is done directly from the MSmarthome application, available on Android and iOS.

If it is powerful, the Midea M9 still has a good autonomy and can work for 3 hours on a full charge.

Premium features to make cleaning even easier

Although it is affordable, the Midea M9 is really complete. In addition to its dual functionality of suction and washing, this model features a whole host of advanced technologies, starting with 3D mapping.

Established from a LiDAR sensor located on top of the device, this 3D mapping system is essential for creating precise cleaning routines. While most robot vacuums only support one level, the Midea M9 can map up to 3 different floors, enough to cover every room in the house. As long as you take it to the different levels.

With its double laser, the Midea M9 dodges obstacles // Source: Midea

To go even further, Midea has equipped its M9 with a dual laser sensor placed on the front of the device. This one is in charge of detecting the obstacles that appear in its path and avoiding them.

All these advantages are rare in mid-range models and make the Midea M9 one of the most competitive robot vacuums at the moment, especially since it launched at the attractive price of €303. It’s hard to find more powerful and better-equipped robot vacuums in this price range.

But the surprises do not end there! Until January 1, 2024, you can also try to buy the new Midea M9 for only 1 euro thanks to this contest.

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