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Samsung took advantage of the announcement of its Galaxy S23 to present One UI 5.1, the new update to its interface for smartphones.

Personalization in One UI 5.1
Personalization in One UI 5.1 // Source: Frandroid screenshot

As expected for a few days, Samsung took advantage of the presentation of the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra to take stock of the new software that will come with the One UI update.

As the WinFuture site already indicated on January 28, version 5.1 of One UI, released for the first time on the new Galaxy S23, focuses above all on personalization, data protection and ergonomics.

Specifically, for customization, Samsung will allow users to further modify their lock screen with different widgets and fonts that can change from one smartphone to another.

The proposed privacy protection

For security, Samsung has developed a new mode, called “maintenance“. This will allow users to lock certain elements of their smartphone when they have to dispose of it, for example by entrusting it to a technician. As soon as this mode is activated, certain elements of the software will no longer be accessible and applications may change to private, then the user will have to go through an unlock mode to get out of maintenance mode.

Maintenance mode in One UI 5.1
Maintenance mode in One UI 5.1 // Source: Frandroid screenshot

Samsung has also worked to improve the integration of Google applications. Specifically, One UI 5.1 will allow, for example, users to share a file in Samsung Notes and collaborate on it with their loved ones within Google Meet. For Galaxy Note or Galaxy S users with a stylus, pen handwriting will now automatically switch to a text font in Chrome or YouTube for writing comments.

Greater integration in home automation

Finally, Samsung expands the functionalities linked to its ecosystem with the possibility of using two The Freestyle projectors at the same time to offer a wider image.

Samsung's integration into Matter
Samsung’s integration into Matter // Source: Frandroid screenshot

But beyond Google’s closed ecosystem, Samsung reaffirmed its interest in the open Matter home automation protocol by announcing that its own SmartThings docking station would be compatible with the standard also used by Philips Hue, Amazon or Apple.

Initially, One UI 5.1 will be available with the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra. It is not yet known when the update will be rolled out to the other smartphones of the Korean manufacturer.

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