here are the cheapest ultra-fast charging stations in France

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The charging station operator IECharge sets up shop in France and becomes the cheapest in Europe with a price per kWh that defies all competition. However, the power lags a bit behind some of its rivals.

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If the number of charging stations continues to increase in France, we are still far from the target of 100,000 accessible in the territory promised by the end of 2021 by Emmanuel Macron. To tell the truth, our country is even a little behind, while as of December 31, 2022 it had 82,107 charging points according to the website l’Aver-France. A number that is increasing little by little, while new operators are gradually arriving with us.

A record price

Among them, we can mention Ionity, of course, but also Fastned, Kallista Energy, Electra or Allego. Some large retailers are also getting involved, such as Carrefour, associated with Driveco or Casino, linked to Tesla and more recently Lidl. Until then, the distributor even offered the lowest prices, with a kWh shown between 25 and 40 cents depending on the power.

But now the low cost brand is being dethroned. In fact, a new operator is slowly developing with us. Is about’IECharge, a NW group company Founded in 2007 and especially specialized in electricity storage. Still little known, the network is developing at great speed.

Congratulations to the cheapest fast chargers in Europe?

This is @IECharge – with a new personal record:

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— Felix Hamer • electricfelix (@electricfelix) February 3, 2023

In fact, if there are currently only 68 accessible stations in France, the company plans to offer no less than 1,000 during the year 2023. A figure that will increase to 2,000 next year and 5,000 in 2026. Something that helps convince some potential buyers of electric cars, still discouraged by autonomy. Currently no less than 56 stations are under construction and 180 will soon be accessible.

But then, what distinguishes the company from its increasingly numerous rivals in the market? Well, it is above all its price. In fact, IECcharge officially offers the cheapest fast charge in Franceand even from Europe. In fact, it is only necessary to count 0.30 cents per kWhwhatever the power, up to 320 kW.

A little problem anyway

It is therefore clearly lower than the 44 cents charged by Electra, for 300 kW terminals and very clearly lower than the 69 cents requested by Ionity to take advantage of its sockets of up to 350 kW. However, not everything is perfect either, quite the opposite. In fact, each IECCharge station is equipped with four charging points, offering a total power of 500 kW.

However, this is distributed among all the terminals, so it can only be used 125 kW au max if they are all used at the same time. Thus, if the price is much more affordable than with the competition, the maximum power is lower in some cases.

So it’s a bit of a lottery when it comes to recharging. However, this power problem can be found in all terminals, because we must not forget that varies by many parameters. Of course, the number of connected cars, but also the temperature, among other things. But one of the advantages of the solution provided by IECharge is the ease of use of its terminals.

In fact, theThe price shown is unique for everyone, so no subscription is required.. It is then possible to pay via the IECcharge app, as well as by bank card and via a recharge card provided by a manufacturer, for example. On the other hand, the operator’s site does not specify if its terminals are compatible with the Plug & Charge functionality, which allows you to connect without having to identify yourself through a card. Ionity and Fastded offer this technology, as do some brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Tesla and Skoda.

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