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The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus could be the last with its format launched by the Korean brand. Take the opportunity to gain battery size, power and refresh its design.

Source: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus carries all or part of the Galaxy S23 data sheet. The main difference is of course in the larger screen size, as we could see during our hands-on.

The Galaxy S23 Plus is distributed 76.2 x 157.8 x 7.6mm. So it’s just as chunky as its little brother, but gains almost 6mm in width and just under 11mm in height, all for a gain on the scale of 28 grams for a total of 196 grams.

Source: Samsung

It is followed of course by the size of the screen, with a much larger panel than the basic Galaxy S23: 6.6 inches in FHD +. The screen offers 120 Hz and can go down to 48 Hz. The maximum brightness this year is strictly the same as its colleagues, that is, 1750 cd/m².

Another advantage of a larger smartphone, the battery grows to 4700 mAh. Load peaks at 45W.

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The Ultra imposes its style

The main novelty of the year on the design side is of course also in the order, by which we mean the disappearance of the photo block in favor of three islands for each module. A design clearly inspired by the Galaxy S22 Ultra that therefore imposes its style.

Source: Samsung

The other great addition, undoubtedly even more important, is the integration of a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. Until now, Samsung has favored chips designed by itself, the Exynos, in Europe, which are less efficient than their competitors. According to Samsung, the gain would be substantial, even against US Galaxy S22s running Snapdragon 8 Gen 1: CPU would gain 33%, GPU 43%, and AI-related task processing 51%.

For the launch, Samsung has gone all out and is releasing an updated version of One UI 5, aptly named One UI 5.1, at the same time as its new smartphones. We also find four years of Android updates and five years of software tracking. In connectivity, expect 5G, of course, but also Wi-Fi 6E.

Nothing moves in the photo, we take the configuration of the S22:

  • 50-megapixel wide-angle lens (f/1.8);
  • 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens (f/2.2);
  • 10 megapixel x3 (f/2.4) telephoto lens.

Galaxy S23 Plus pricing and availability:

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus (8 GB RAM) is available at these prices starting February 17:

  • 256 One way: 1219 euros
  • 512 One way: 1339 euros

From February 1 to 16, a pre-order offer allows you to benefit from a bonus of 150 euros when you get your old smartphone back and double the storage. For example: if you take the 256 GB Galaxy S23 Plus during this period, you will receive the 512 GB one without a price increase.

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