Have you recently purchased a Tesla? Rest assured, falling prices can affect you too

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Good news for Tesla customers who ordered a Model 3 or Model Y a few days ago, at full price. Following the huge price drop that occurred this Friday, January 13, on Tesla’s two flagship electric cars, we can confirm that these prices will apply to customers who have placed orders in the last few days. But beware, not all customers are affected.

This Friday, January 13, 2023, Tesla surprised Europe by drastically lowering the sale price of its Model 3 and Model Y. The discounts reach more than 10,000 euros for certain versions. But this is not necessarily good news for everyone.

In fact, customers who have recently purchased a Tesla electric car were a bit grumpy this morning at the announcement of this price rebate. And we understand them: some, for example, bought a Tesla Model Y Grande Autonomie a few days ago for 64,990 euros while this morning it is on display at 53,990 euros. That is a difference of 11,000 euros!

New prices for some orders

The good news is that we were able to get confirmation that some customers who ordered their Tesla Model 3 or Model Y before the price drop will be able to take advantage of the new prices.

Indeed, if your car has not yet been delivered and therefore you have not yet paid the invoice issued by Tesla, you can take advantage of the new prices. If you’ve paid the bill but haven’t received the car yet, that’s still okay. If you are in one of these two situations, we invite you to contact Tesla to modify the final sale price.

If you recently purchased your Model 3 or Model Y, at the old prices, and it has already been shipped to you, unfortunately you won’t be able to take advantage of these new prices.

A situation that is not new. In fact, in China, during the price cut that took place at the beginning of January, demonstrations took place in the stores of the American brand. A Tesla Cyberquad was destroyed and products stolen according to Asian media reports IT Home.

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