Has your PC become slow? Maybe it’s Nvidia’s fault

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Nvidia has admitted that their latest drivers could, in some cases, cause an increase in processor (CPU) usage when quitting a game. This issue is related to a bug observed in the Nvidia container process.

Source: Nvidia

Does your CPU usage suddenly increase when you quit a game? A priori, the problem does not come from your machine… but from Nvidia. This was indicated by Tom Warren, a journalist for The Verge, a few hours ago on Twitter.

The news has since been picked up by the specialized site. VideoCardz, which specifies that Nvidia has confirmed that there was indeed a bug in their latest drivers (531.18). The latter can cause a 10-15% (or even more in some cases) increase in processor (CPU) usage, especially when the user quits a game that they had started. A problem that is all the more disabling because it can be difficult to detect if you don’t go through an analysis of the current processes (through the task manager, for example).

The Nvidia Container process noted

In this case, these performance issues stem from a bug related to the Nvidia Container process. For an unspecified reason, the latter imposes “very high” processor usage immediately upon connection, or after games are closed, notes Tom Warren, who recommends reverting to older drivers (528.49 WHQL) for his part.

This is in fact the only real solution for the foreseeable future. Unless you force close the Nvidia Container process every time you act… or restart your PC every time the problem appears.

If you notice high CPU usage with the latest Nvidia drivers (531.18), you’re not alone. It seems to be a bug with the latest drivers where the Nvidia container uses more than 10% CPU after login or after closing games. Rolling back to previous drivers will fix

—Tom Warren (@tomwarren) March 6, 2023

On Reddit, a user also indicated that removing certain DLL items, in the directory, might fix the bug. However, a solution that we find hard to recommend, as handling these files can affect the stability of your PC.

Source: VideoCardz

Other than rolling back to the old drivers, the smartest solution is to wait for a patch to roll out. Nvidia, which was quick to recognize the existence of this excessive CPU usage issue by its Nvidia Container process, should logically offer us a solution shortly.

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