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We discovered the Doogee V Max at MWC 2023. A smartphone with a 22,000 mAh battery for an announced autonomy of 10 days in normal use. We briefly take him in hand to show him the device.

Doogee V Max // Source: Frandroid

At MWC 2023 we find various technological devices. Some constitute great technical innovation, others are more anecdotal developments. However, in these types of shows, there is a type of product that we have usually come across: smartphones with a huge battery.

For this year’s edition, the Doogee V Max marked us. It has a 22,000 mAh battery that promises”240 hours» Autonomy with normal use according to the official website. This is equivalent to 10 full days. In standby, the promise goes further since we are talking about 2,300 hours of autonomy, or just over three months.

A smartphone heavier than a tablet

This smartphone is a 27.3mm thick brick. For comparison, an iPhone 14 Pro Max measures 7.85mm. The weight is not left out: 540 grams. A tablet like the Xiaomi Pad 5 weighs less with 511 grams on the scale. We briefly held it in hand to take a few photos. The grip is clearly not the most pleasant, because we are the exact opposite of a refined design.

Doogee V Max // Source: Frandroid

A notion that does not really matter for the Doogee V Max since it is above all a reinforced smartphone intended for professionals who work in the field (masons, technicians, etc.). Please note that the smartphone is IP68 certified to ensure its waterproofing. Let’s not forget the IP69K certification to attest to the resistance to high pressures and high pressure rinsing. Finally, the device also has the US Army MIL-STD-810H label to show that it’s a badass.

The week of autonomy that the huge 22,000 mAh battery boasts shows that the manufacturer wants above all to target people who are likely to leave for a long time on a mission, far from an electrical outlet. On the other hand: it’s actually not very pretty and doesn’t fit easily into a trouser pocket. In addition, the Doogee V Max technical sheet consists of the following elements.

  • 6.58-inch IPS screen, Full HD +, 120 Hz;
  • MediaTek Dimension 1080;
  • 12 Go to RAM;
  • 256 GB of storage (expandable up to 2 TB);
  • android 12;
  • Triple camera with main sensor at 108 Mpxn;
  • 32 MP selfie camera;
  • Dual SIM;
  • USB-C port protected by a cover;
  • Fingerprint reader on the side.

Honestly, writing these lines reminds you of MWC 2018, where you crossed paths with a 16,000mAh Energizer POWER MAX P16K Pro that would almost look like a Tom Thumb next to the Doogee V Max. Keep in mind that our guide to standalone smartphones focuses on more consumer-oriented devices.

Price and release date

The managers of the Doogee stand at MWC 2023 told us that this smartphone would be available in Europe between 500 and 600 euros. The official site refers to a link from AliExpress where it is shown at 519 euros at the time of publishing this article. On the brand’s commercial site, however, it is 560 US dollars.

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