Google’s smoke detector is cheaper on Amazon

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More practical than standard models, connected smoke detectors are essential to ensuring the security of your home. And if you want to buy one, the Google Nest Protect is cheaper today: 149.52 euros compared to 178.22 euros.

Google Nest Protect — Smoke detector // Source: official site.

In the event of a home fire, smoke detectors are tools that help ensure the safety of those in your home, but are also helpful in preserving your property. There are smart models, such as Google Nest Protect, which notifies you in real time on your smartphone in case a fire starts. It brings some practical features for day to day and is currently listed at less than 150 euros.

What is Nest Protect?

  • Is able to identify slow or fast fires
  • Alert in real time from your phone
  • a simple installation

With a price crossed out at 178.22 euros, the Google Nest Protect drops to 149.52 euros on Amazon after a 16% discount.

A discreet and efficient device

Like all good products from the Mountain View firm, the Nest protect has a neat and minimalist appearance. The discreet device from Google will be easily hidden in the decoration, with its small dimensions and its white coating. This model has been revised by the brand, now it is easier to change the batteries (thanks to a hatch) and a new support makes installation easier.

Its main purpose is of course to alert you to a fire and it will sound an 80 dB fire alarm within a 3 meter perimeter. Above all, this Google Nest Protect brings a new “dual spectrum” sensor that can detect smoke, whether it is slow or fast burning. Nest Protect goes one step further and can also detect carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that is invisible and odorless. It will also be able to distinguish between steam and smoke thanks to its humidity sensor.

Practical features

In the event of an incident, the Nest Protect detector can send an alert to your mobile. You will receive a message when the alarm sounds and the nature of the danger. For example, if there is light smoke from your toast in the toaster, a yellow light will alert you so you can check. Otherwise, if the smoke or carbon monoxide level becomes dangerous, Nest Protect sounds an alert, flashes red, and indicates which room is affected.

Through the Nest app you will obtain other useful information such as knowing if the batteries are at the end of their useful life, or if the sensor has failed. You can even silence the Nest Protect’s alarm. And, at nightfall, it is discreet to check that everything works correctly: its batteries and its sensors. There is a night light function to light your way in the dark.

to secure your home

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