Google’s smart watch is today at its best price

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Google finally enters the connected watch market with its Pixel Watch. It will appeal to those who own a Pixel phone and will benefit from a well-finished product that guarantees good fluidity, all for €289 instead of the current €379 at Boulanger.

The Google Pixel Watch
The Google Pixel Watch // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

For its first connected watch, Google is certainly not perfect, but the manufacturer manages to offer a watch that is pleasant to wear. With its beautiful design, precise sensors, and smooth interface, it’s a great daily companion. For those interested, today, it becomes more accessible after 90 euros discount.

What we like about the Pixel Watch

  • Its pebble format with luminous screen
  • Very good GPS tracking and an effective electrocardiogram
  • Fluid and numerous applications

Offered at 379 euros, the Pixel Watch in the Google Bluetooth + Wi-Fi version is available on sale at 289 euros on the Boulanger site. This is the best deal ever for this connected watch!

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Google Pixel Watch at the best price?

A discreet touch

The Pixel Watch is committed to the round format of the watches and a 41 mm case only. A second, larger model would not have been turned down, but people with larger wrists will have to make do with it. It also has the advantage of being discreet and sober, in particular thanks to the glass on its screen that extends to the edges of the case. And it is that, with its own system of hooking the bracelet, the toucher gives the possibility of customizing the aesthetic appearance according to our desires (sports or leather bracelet).

On the front side, we discover an AMOLED panel with a definition of 450 x 450 pixels and a density of 320 pixels per inch (ppi). The quality is there and the brightness is high enough to use it without any problem outdoors in direct sunlight. In addition, its brightness sensor will automatically adjust the brightness based on ambient lighting, in addition to the manual adjustment in three levels that the watch offers natively. There is also an Always On mode.

Nice to use, but with a few trade-offs.

To power the watch, Google has chosen to integrate an Exynos 9110 chip, the same as the one in the first Galaxy Watch of 2018. A rather outdated chip, but which nonetheless manages to offer a smooth experience under WearOS, which we navigate through the menus. or load an app. Of course, it is equipped with many sensors to measure your data related to your health or your sports training. On the other hand, we could observe during our test that the Spo2 is not accessible and that the heart rate monitoring turned out to be less reliable at a high heart rate. The watch makes up for this by offering accurate GPS tracking, effective EKG, and works with 41 different sports.

Since its launch, the Mountain View company has been updating its wearable to fix bugs and even add some features for the user. The manufacturer recently added the fall detection feature to its portable device. Finally, the Pixel Watch is around 24 hours of autonomy and can reach up to 26 or 27 hours in the best of cases. Therefore, it will be necessary to wait to recharge it every day, especially since during the night, even with the screen off, the autonomy drops by almost 40%. This is even more worrisome if you want to analyze your sleep. Finally, the watch will fully recharge from 0 to 100% in 1h18.

To learn more, here’s our test on the Pixel Watch.

6 /10

Google Pixel Watch Frandroid 2022

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