Google would prepare the competition with hundreds of millions of dollars

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According to information from BloombergGoogle has reportedly invested nearly $400 million in an AI startup called Anthropic, which is currently testing a ChatGPT-style automatic text generation model. Enough to compete with the AI ​​of OpenAI.

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ChatGPT is revolutionizing the Internet and the field of artificial intelligence: all the tech giants and the smallest digital companies are interested in it, including Google. We know that the web giant is afraid of ChatGPT and is working hard on the AI. Latest news, according to BloombergThe Alphabet subsidiary would have invested close to 400 million dollars in the startup Anthropic, which develops a tool similar to ChatGPT.

With Anthropic, Google takes another step in automatic generation by AI

While neither company has confirmed the financial deal, they have announced a partnership. Anthropic says it chose Google Cloud” as preferred cloud providerand that the two companies will co-develop AI tools with the contribution of more computing power. Enough to allow for the larger scale deployment of Claude,”an AI assistant based on the company’s research on building safe and transportable AI“This is a chatbot that aims to compete with ChatGPT with, for starters, a limited trial that launched last month. Expanded access is planned.”in the coming months“, ReportsBloomberg.

Anthropic is no stranger to OpenAI: the company was founded in 2021 by several former OpenAI executives. Google participates in Anthropic, “but does not require the startup to spend the funds buying cloud computing services from Google“, according to the source of the newspaper. For Thomas Jurian, CEO of Google Cloud, the “The partnership with Anthropic is a great example of how we help users and businesses harness the power of trusted and responsible AI.»

The AI ​​race is on for Google, Microsoft and others

We know that Google is refocusing its human and financial resources on AI in recent months, with new models like this AI that generates music from text. The other side of the coin is the dismissal of 12,000 people to bet more on artificial intelligence. In addition, an international Google conference on AI will take place this February 8.

Source: Owen Yin

For its part, Microsoft is looking to integrate ChatGPT with Bing, thanks to a $10 billion investment in OpenAI. Images of this modified Bing have already been leaked: this GPT-3 version would be connected to the Internet. That hasn’t stopped the company from announcing massive layoffs and also a switch to AI.

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