Google will launch a very practical eSIM tool when changing smartphones

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At MWC 2023, Google announced the upcoming release of a new eSIM transfer tool. In the future, it will make it possible to simplify mobile phone changes from the dematerialized SIM.

Transferring eSIM data from an old smartphone to a new one should soon no longer be a problem on Android // Source: Frandroid – Claire Braikeh

Prompted by Apple, which completely removed traditional SIM cards from its iPhone 14 in the United States, the smartphone market is increasingly moving towards fully eSIM models. To support this transition and make life easier for users when switching devices, Google has announced the upcoming implementation of an eSIM transfer tool for Android.

As Android Police points out, this feature aims to make the experience more fluid in the face of the inevitable disappearance of physical SIM cards. And indeed, this new tool is relevant as eSIM transfer is sometimes laborious… even on some recent and high-end smartphones.

Google is working to simplify eSIM transfers on Android

Therefore, an eSIM transfer from a Galaxy S22 to a Galaxy S23 requires first deregistering the eSIM profile on the old device, before reactivating it on the new one. In some cases, the assistance of the mobile operator is even required to complete this process. It is this daunting process that Google is aiming to reverse with its new tool, which is due to launch later this year. It is unknown, however, when, precisely, Google will be able to implement it on a large scale.

Be that as it may, and as Android Police points out, the deployment of this new feature adds to other experiments, related to eSIM, currently underway in Android betas. In the latest QPR2 beta builds, the eSIM transfer tool announced this week, for example, had been seen in the company of another feature, this time allowing you to convert a physical SIM card into eSIM format. So it wouldn’t be surprising if Google had a few things to tell us about this in the coming weeks.

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