Google sets a date for its high-stakes conference

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Google has officially launched its communication around its annual Google IO conference. In 2023, there is a lot at stake, because the company could play its future there.

Every year around June, the tech giants host major conferences for developers to try to bring creativity into their ecosystem. With the increasingly mature web and smartphone market, these conferences have lost some of their interest over the years. In 2023, however, that of Google will be especially expected, because the firm seems to be at a crossroads with regard to its future.

excited that this year #GoogleIO will be on May 10, live from Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View and online at

Sundar Pichai (@sundarpichai) March 7, 2023

A congress with many expectations

We now know that we will discover Google I/O 2023 on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, two months from now when this article is written. Google should invite the press and developers to Mountain View on their premises. The event will also be broadcast live on the Internet.

An example of a logo that served as inspiration for Google

The space-inspired event logo leaves little doubt about the presence of Android 14. The next version of the system also uses a logo in reference to NASA.

Google Pixel tablet, Pixel Fold and more

We also look forward to the presentation of new devices at this event. We are thinking in particular of the Google Pixel Tablet, which should be there to convince developers to take an interest in this display format again. We also know that the brand is working on a first smartphone with a folding screen. Again, Google I/O would be the right opportunity to get developer support.

More simply, the Google Pixel 7a has also been leaked and could be formalized at this big conference.

and artificial intelligence

Above all, we know that panic has reigned in Google for several months due to the increase in popularity of tools such as ChatGPT and the new Microsoft Bing. The firm would have launched more than 20 internal projects around artificial intelligence by 2023 alone.

For several years, Google I/O was the conference of choice for the firm to present its AI research. This year, more than any other, will be an opportunity for the giant to regain control of this sector.

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