Google Meet adds a nice touch of fun and lightness to your video conferences

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Little by little it will be possible to react with emojis in Google Meet. In fact, Google is beginning to implement this new feature that has the merit of adding a touch of lightness to your video conferences.

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Source: Google

Emojis are now an integral part of our interactions on the Internet. Our way of communicating on the different messaging platforms has been transformed by its small emoticons with different meanings. Its origin is also sometimes surprising: the 😱 emoji descends, for example, from a Peruvian mummy.

At the beginning of 2023, emojis will be invited to a new platform used by millions of users: Google Meet, dedicated mainly to professional video conferences. In a post published in its Google Workspace Updates, the Mountain View firm announced its intentions in this area.

9 emojis, so far

How to react with an emoji in Google Meet? It’s simple, a new button in the shape of a smile emoji will appear on your main interface. It will invite itself along with the other features (raise hand, share your screen, mute your microphone, etc.) in the dedicated options bar.

Clicking on it will give you a choice of nine emojis: 💖👍🎉👏😂😯🤔😥👎. There doesn’t appear to be any “+” buttons offered to internet users to select other emojis from the hundreds commonly offered. Perhaps Google will expand this catalog in the future.

google knows mobile emojis
Source: Google

The emoji will then appear as a small floating badge in the top left corner of your thumbnail. And if you want to interact with multiple emojis in a row, Google Meet will display them in a “burst.” Note that it’s also possible to assign a specific skin tone to your emojis, reinforcing their inclusivity.

A deactivation option

This feature is enabled by default for each video conference. But the meeting host can turn them off if they want. This little addition has at least the merit of adding a touch of fun and lightness to your gatherings.

Google specifies that this novelty is already available on iOS and the web version of its service. Android devices will benefit from it in the near future.

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