Google is testing a quality mode reserved for YouTube Premium

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Google offers to test a 1080p mode on YouTube with better image quality. This mode is for YouTube Premium subscribers only.

Source: Frandroid – Chloé Pertuis

By adding more and more ads to its YouTube video service, Google is clearly trying to push users to the YouTube Premium subscription. The firm regularly adds other benefits for subscribers to the service.

As several Internet users have noted, Google would now have an idea that will probably cause a lot of talk: reserving better video quality for subscribers.

Pay to remove compression

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in fact, they have discovered a new “1080p Premium” option in the menu that allows you to choose the quality of a video. The option specifies that it is an enhancement of the Bit rate. He Bit rate refers to the amount of data contained in the video for each second. In other words, it’s a video compression marker. more him Bit rate is high, the better the video, but the more demanding your Internet connection will be.

The new 1080p Premium option // Source: u/KZedUK

Obviously, this new quality mode would be reserved for YouTube Premium subscribers. Increasing video quality is in particular demand in the gaming industry, where game footage can easily be ruined by overly aggressive compression.

The addition of a 1080p Premium mode will surely bring the two-speed YouTube debate back to the table between free users of the service, who still see ads and therefore pay Google, and Premium users.

One wonders if Google will go further after this step. Could 1440p, 4K, 60fps or 360 modes also eventually switch to the Premium subscription? The idea had already caught on. For the firm, it is undoubtedly a question of rationalizing storage and computing power costs induced by the progressive improvement in the quality of the videos on its platform.

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