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Google’s Chrome browser was just updated to version 111 on Tuesday, March 7. An iteration that improves the protection of personal data, improves the new download interface and facilitates the work of developers.

The new version 111 of Google’s Chrome browser is available from Tuesday, March 7, 2023. // Source: Google

One month after its previous update, Google Chrome 111 just rolled out on Tuesday, March 7. Like last time, the world’s most widely used web browser doesn’t revolutionize its recipe, but this new version nonetheless brings welcome improvements and simplifies the use of certain features.

Chrome 111 greatly improves its new interface for managing downloads, introduces a new rule for permissions granted to websites, makes using Picture-in-Picture more versatile, and makes web app animations smoother. .

A counter of current downloads

As with any update, it’s the graphical changes that stand out the most. So let’s get started on this improvement, however small. Although it’s still not on by default, Google continues to refine its new download interface proven since the release of Chrome 99 a year ago.

Source: Google via Android Police

Instead of a large horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen, downloads in progress and completed are now displayed in a small bubble window that is displayed by clicking on a new dedicated icon, located to the right of the bar. addresses. Like this one, this interface displays the file name, its extension, its size, and the remaining download time. All in a window that takes up less space.

This new version of Chrome retains this design, but adds a badge indicating the number of current downloads to the icon in the address bar. This new interface can be activated via two experimental flag options (accessible via chrome://flags/#download-bubble et chrome://flags# download-bubble-v2).

Permissions automatically revoked from unused sites

More than improvements, Chrome 111 also adds a useful feature to better protect access to your personal data: automatically revoke permissions granted to sites you no longer visit.

If many web pages ask you for permission to play a video with sound, access your microphone, your location or simply send you notifications, it is not usual to return to your browser settings later to change them. as a result.

Chrome’s privacy and security page. // Source: Google

Therefore, Chrome 111 will automatically remove permissions granted to sites you haven’t visited in the last two months. This process will be indicated in the section “Security control» your menu «Privacy & Security“browser settings.

Picture-in-Picture content other than video

As is often the case with Google browser updates, some of the new features are aimed primarily at developers. This is the case with changes made to Chrome’s Picture-in-Picture mode, which typically allows a video to play in a floating window separate from the web page it’s displayed on.

Source: Google

The new version of Chrome now offers a new API to help developers launch any web page element in Picture-in-Picture mode, even if it’s not a video. In an image from the page dedicated to Chrome developers, we see a separate countdown timer from the page it’s supposed to be displayed on. This feature already existed before Chrome 111, but this new API simplifies its implementation.

Smoother web applications

Another simplification of an existing option: smoother transitions in web applications. Once again, Chrome 111 adds a dedicated API for web developers. As a video from Google’s development team shows, changing pages in a web app displayed in the browser can be done as a fade.

Source: Google via Android Police

An option already tested since Chrome 104, but which, again, will be easy for developers to configure in Chrome. A change that also underscores Google’s desire to make its web applications ever more accessible and enjoyable to use.

A few more small changes

As always, the Chrome Browser update also introduces other minor improvements, listed in full on the Chrome Developer page.

This version 111 is available on both Windows and Mac. It is installed through automatic updates or by manually checking the software version through the “about chromefrom the Google browser.

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