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OnLeaks and 91Mobiles shared detailed images of two new headsets that Sony was expecting this week: the WH-XB910N and the WH-CH520. Quite different from each other, they should respectively aim at the mid-range and the entry level of the Japanese manufacturer.

Here is the new WH-XB910N, which should reach the mid-range with a price close to 200 euros // Source: OnLeaks

At Sony, the WH-XB910N and WH-CH510 could very soon be replaced by new models. In any case, this is what these leaked images, transmitted by OnLeaks and 91 Mobiles, suggest, but also the first technical specifications revealed for two helmets, of which we do not yet know the release dates and prices, at least at this stage. .

If we base ourselves on the positioning of the current models, however, it is a safe bet that the first (WH-XB910N) will once again settle in the mid-range, with a price of around 200 euros; while the second (WH-CH520) would occupy the placement of its predecessor, with a price of around 50 euros. We will surely receive more information about it in the coming weeks.

WH-XB910N and WH-CH520: what’s new for the two Sony headphones?

In any case, here’s what we already know about the WH-XB910N. We learn that this model will return in 2023 with three colors (black, white and blue), a better active noise reduction system, possible multipoint support, a device that fast charges in 3 minutes (to recover an hour of listening) and up to 35 hours of battery life with ANC. As with the current model, Sony’s goal would be to give this model generous bass and premium features without stepping on the toes of its WH-1000XM5, which is still at the top of the range.

Compared to its predecessor, the new WH-XB910N would trade its touch controls for physical buttons. Through its companion app, the headset should also offer support for DSEE (Digital sound enhancement engine, to improve the quality of compressed songs), as well as compatibility with Bass Boost technology. To do this, the WH-XB910N would notably be based on a V1 chip: the same one that’s on board the WH-1000X headphones.

Apart from the above images and the (hard to miss) presence of a beige color scheme, the new WH-CH520 remains more mysterious. Compared to the current WH-CH510, the design evolves slightly and more generous padding of the ear cups and headband would be on the menu. More precision to come with Sony’s formalization… which logically shouldn’t take long.

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