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Microsoft has revealed the games that will arrive in February at Game Pass… and those that are leaving the offer after long months of availability.

The Xbox Series S and Series X, by way of illustration // Source: Microsoft

Some arrive, others leave. In a press release shared yesterday, Microsoft reveals the titles that are expected in the remainder of February with the Game Pass subscription. On the program: a smash hit, a game tailored for American soccer fans, and a handful of surprises, albeit on a smaller scale.

After a somewhat boring month of January, Game Pass takes on some color, especially since no major titles will leave the catalog this February. But anyway, here’s the list of content to expect with Game Pass in the fortnight.

Game Pass: what’s new in February?

First installment of the list, Madden NFL 23 It arrives, starting February 9, with Game Pass Ultimate but under the aegis of the associated EA Play offer. Released in August 2022, the title (the equivalent of FIFA across the Atlantic and for American football) remains the latest addition to the franchise, but it will be replaced next summer.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance It will also arrive on February 9. This action role-playing game is based on the animated series. Gundam and it had been released at the end of last July on practically all consoles. No purchase necessary to try it, it’s now available for free with Game Pass. Perfect to give it a try at a lower cost.

Source: Microsoft

On February 14, Microsoft will offer us this time Mount & Blade II: Lord of the Flag. As a reminder, the title combines strategy and action-RPG in a sandbox, all set in a fictional medieval universe. It will be completed on February 15 by cities: skylines in a remastered version. First released in 2015, this competitive management game sim city it was very well received when it came out. If you want to try it, it’s now or never.

From February 16 we can also play the version Definitive Edition of Shadow Warrior 3: an unconventional and definitely atypical first-person shooter. Definitely more expected, despite the sometimes somewhat temperate first impressions of the specialized press, atomic heart will be the great success of Game Pass this February. With its utopian atmosphere mixing elements of bioshockand an alternative reality with Stalinist accents, the software from the Russian studio Mundfish will have clear arguments on February 21.

Source: Focus Entertainment

Among the titles leaving Game Pass: Siege, CrossfireX, Infernax, Recompile, Skul: The Hero, Assassineither the last children on earth. However, if he hasn’t finished exploring them, he still has until February 15 to do so.

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