Galaxy S23, AM Radio and GPT-4

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Several news marked the week of March 13, 2023: the Samsung photo “scandals”, the disappearance of AM radio in cars and GPT-4. We summarize all this in the summary of the week!

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra // Source: Anthony Wonner – Chloé Pertuis

Samsung Lunar Week

You know Samsung: number one in sales of smartphones, very well received by the press, great photographic quality. But when there is a storm, they don’t go half way and why not combine two controversies in the photo at the same time. This week, the Korean brand was accused on the same day of cheating on its Moon photos and of having a serious optical problem on the S23 and S23+. It must be said, the second concern is much more serious.

The disappearance of AM radio is a problem

Electric cars gradually say goodbye to AM radio to avoid interference. Considered obsolete, this technology at least had the merit of using lower waves capable of passing through solid objects and traveling farther. A vehicle (oh oh) perfect for alert messages and that can find its use in rural areas.

ChatGPT is updated to GPT-4

This is the most significant news of the week, or at least the one that will surely have the greatest impact. OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has announced the deployment of the next generation of the artificial intelligence system, GPT-4. Microsoft has also announced without pressure that its new Bing has been using it for almost three weeks.

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