Free Mobile improves its package a little more up to €14.99/month

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Just two weeks after adding 20GB to its latest package, Free is also offering an additional 10GB, thus offering a 4G envelope of 140GB of mobile data. This Free Series package is always without obligation, and always at the same price of 14.99 euros per month for the first year.

After increasing its mobile data allowance from 110 GB to 130 GB just a few days ago, Free is relaunching its offer by increasing it to 140 GB. The subscription price does not change one iota and remains fixed at €14.99/month for one year. After this first year, your subscription will go to the Free 5G plan of 210 GB at €19.99/month.

The Free Mobile plan in some points

  • An envelope of 140 GB in 4G in France and 18 GB from Europe and the overseas departments
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and Europe
  • without obligation

Instead of the usual 130 GB, the Free Series package at €14.99/month now offers a 4G envelope of 140 GB of data. If you wish, you can end your subscription before the price change as the offer is provided without obligation.

Services at very good prices and increasingly qualitative

Free is recognized for offering its mobile phone and internet plans at the best price. Specifically for this Free Series mobile plan at €14.99/month that offers a 140 GB 4G envelope to use in metropolitan territory to browse social networks and binge on their series wherever you want.

In addition to this data envelope, the Free Series plan gives you an additional 18 GB 4G envelope for use in Europe and overseas departments. You also have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS throughout France and Europe. Finally, Free offers you access to its Free Ligue 1 application to follow live or on-demand all the football matches, interviews, podcasts, documentaries and the best moments of the first French championship.

When this package switches to 5G, it’s a 210 GB data envelope you’ll be entitled to and the ability to make unlimited calls and texts to more international destinations like Canada, the United States, Israel and South Africa.

How to subscribe to this package?

Nothing is easier. Simply select the offer that interests you, open your free account, submit the necessary documents justifying a stable relationship in mainland France, and that’s it!

They will charge you 10 euros for sending your new triple cut SIM card. If you want to keep your old number, you must provide your RIO (Declaration of Operator Identity) number when you register. If you do not know your RIO number, we invite you to take a look at this tutorial, the handling is very simple.

To learn more, read our full review of Free’s mobile offering.

Compare the best mobile plans without commitment

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