Free adds 20 GB to its flagship mobile plan and catches up with the competition

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It’s been a while since Free moved its mobile plans and seeing competition become more generous, the carrier is now adding 20GB at no extra cost to its most popular 4G plan.

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Would you like to get a little more out of Go at Free mobile? Don’t worry, it’s a gift! Finally, only for new subscribers. On February 15, Free Mobile finally upgraded its most popular 4G plan. If before I wasonly» 110 GB and frozen as such since the end of last year, the operator has decided to increase it by 20 GB to reach the round figure of 130 GB.

This package remains at the same price as before, that is, 14.99 euros per month for one year and still without commitment. After this 12-month period, you will automatically switch to the 210 GB 5G plan at 19.99 euros per month.

An enhanced plan to face the competition

Whether it’s RED, B&You, or even virtual operators like NRJ Mobile or Cdiscount Mobile, competition has been raging for a while on packages that exceed 100 GB. Free had better react or risk losing its (already going) reputation as an operator. low cost.

In RED, for example, there is a 160 GB package for a substantially similar price: 15.99 euros per month without commitment.

At Bouygues, with B&You, we are betting a little more on 5G (4G compatible) with a 130 GB package at 15.99 euros per month, still without commitment.

Finally, at NRJ Mobile and Cdiscount Mobile we are still below the price level, with 130 GB 5G packages at 12.99 euros per month without obligation.

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