France lags behind in charging stations, but passes in second place

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Like every month, we take stock of the number of charging stations for electric cars open to the public in France. The opportunity to take stock of the year 2022, which has been very rich on the pitch. But the goal of 100,000 charging stations is still far from being achieved.

Electra terminal in Paris

In 2020, the French government wanted the country to have more than 100,000 charging points for electric cars by the end of 2021. But not everything went as planned, since on December 31, 2022, I’have france counted “only” 82,107 charging points open to the public.

A favorable development, but one that completely misses the point.

At first glance, this figure may seem disappointing, as the target has not even been reached, even though we are well over a year past its date. But in reality, the situation has evolved enormously in the last 12 months and in the right direction. In fact, it will be recalled that as of December 31, 2021, France had 53,667 charging points and 32,736 a year earlieras of December 31, 2020.

Therefore, the momentum has accelerated considerably, with 20,931 charging points installed in 2021 and 28,440 throughout 2022. an increase of 53% in the last 12 months. And, as a regular user of an electric car over long distances, we can see this growth. We are seeing more and more charging stations, with high-power terminals coming out of the ground, be it in motorway service areas, but also in shopping centers with, for example, recently Lidl.

Terminals located too heterogeneously in France

The problem is that the charging stations are not necessarily located homogeneously on French territory. It is for this particular reason that Europe wants to establish the rule of one charging station for electric cars every 60 km. However, we are far from wrong, since ” in France there are approximately 8 charging points open to the public for 100 electric cars, compared to 8 in Norway, 7 in Germany and up to 69 in the Netherlands according to a recent report.

If we take into account the classification of the number of charging stations in relation to the kilometer of road, it is even worse. France thus has 3.4 charging points per kilometer of road, compared to 25 in Portugal, 26 in Germany and 64 in the Netherlands. Among Western European countries, only Spain does worse with 1.6 terminals per km of highway according to 2021 data from theTHAT.

However, there is still a long way to go to reach 100,000 charging stations installed in France. With the frenetic pace of December 2022 (nearly 5,000 new charging points put into service), the goal could be reached in less than four months. We must also specify that Avere France estimates the need, ” between 175,000 and 215,000 charging points by 2025 and between 330,000 and 480,000 by 2030« .

👋🎉 2023 🎇
Upgrade charging networks 100+ kW France⚡️🚗
➡️Remarkable work by all operators
➡️ December was amazing 🚀👍

Interactive charts ⏯️
(selection of operators in the legend)
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—Bertrand Moreau (@Moreau12Moreau) January 2, 2023

However, cargo operators must not lose sight of the reliability of the terminals because in December 2022, “ charging points over 150 kW were available, by December 2022, 76% of the time As Avere points out. As for networks with a power of more than 100 kW, we can see from Bertrand Moreau’s tweet that Tesla leads the race, followed by Ionity easily beating Allego and then Total Energies.

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