For the price, NordVPN has one of the most comprehensive offerings out there.

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Still on the rise, NordVPN currently remains one of the best value VPNs in the world with this new promotion on their two-year subscriptions.

In recent years you probably haven’t escaped if you hang out on the internet, VPNs are on the rise and doing everything they can to highlight their offerings. It must be said that these applications are especially useful to protect against hacking of your data, to protect your identity and your online tracking, as well as to be able to access geo-blocked content from certain countries. For all this. It is better to resort to safe bets than to free solutions that are not always recommended. In this case, NordVPN offers one of the most attractive offers of the moment with 3 new subscription plans that offer up to 63% savings.

What does NordVPN have more than the others?

  • Great desktop and mobile apps
  • Excellent speeds thanks to the NordLynx protocol
  • Reliable and effective after-sales service
  • An optional cloud storage and password manager

At the moment, NordVPN offers its 2-year subscription with three months free in addition for 83.49 euros, or 3.49 euros per month.

You can also opt for the following packages that are also on sale, including the addition of a password manager, a vulnerability scanner, and a 1TB ultra-secure cloud:

The most famous and recognized VPN on the market

With its simple and intelligible world map interface, NordVPN is clearly one of the easiest and most fun services to use, whether on desktop or mobile. With one click, you are connected to the server of your choice and the response time of the servers is very fast, which is not necessarily the case with other services of the same type.

We must also highlight its performance well above the average thanks to its internal protocol called NordLynx that offers very high speeds, even from servers located on the other side of the world, there is also the possibility of choosing between some sixty countries in total.

On your fixed and mobile devices

NordVPN can be accessed almost everywhere, whether on mobile devices, computers, or TVs with a unified app, even if certain features are exclusive to certain platforms. If the first use will be the security of your data and your identity on the Internet, the other part refers to the transmission of geoblocked content, such as sports matches, VOD or even television channels to which you do not have access. NordVPN is particularly effective at this point.

NordVPN’s transparency policy is also among the most advanced on the market. As the entity is based in Panama, the law governing data backup is not mandatory, therefore your data is not stored or shared with third parties. Otherwise, NordVPN regularly provides independent security audits to prove its bona fides.

It’s not just a VPN

NordVPN offers other add-on services in addition to its VPN. First there is NordPass, a very efficient password manager like 1Passeword or Dashlane. There is also a vulnerability detection service to find out if an email address or phone number has been included in the list of potentially malicious third parties. Finally, the last service is called NordLocker, a tool to protect all your digital data stored locally on your computer, as well as in the 1TB cloud that it makes available to you.

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