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If you have a Google Pixel 7 or Google Pixel 7 Pro, you can now access the repair manual. It details several relatively complex operations that it is not recommended that you do yourself if you are not used to them.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Since Wiko was bought by a Chinese company, it has become difficult for France to obtain “world firsts”. It is normal, no matter how proud the “Frenchified” are, we are rarely a priority for the big technological brands.

But for once Google chose (probably on purpose, we’re sure) to give access to an element referring to the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro before the rest of the world and it didn’t escape it. 9to5Google. This is the repair manual for both phones. The Pixel 6a manual was also published last July.

reserved for adults

If since then, the page giving access to these manuals has been removed, our esteemed colleagues were still eager to download them. This is how she looked:

Source: 9to5Google

At the beginning of the manual, a long message warns you:

It is not recommended to repair the device yourself unless you are an adult and have the technical skills to safely repair electronic devices. If you decide to carry out a repair yourself, you assume the risks involved.

Other equally reassuring messages follow below: “Opening and/or repairing a device can cause electric shock, fire, injury, damage to the device, and other hazards. » So take your precautions before you jump on your screwdriver.

The 173-page manual is excessively detailed. Includes lots of tips and even tutorials for changing parts. This ranges from the simple listing of the necessary equipment to the various and varied manipulations. You can learn how to change the screen, the case, the motherboard, the microphone stands, the battery, the cameras, the graphite used for cooling, etc.

Google should probably release an official version worldwide soon. Meanwhile, the French can enjoy it a little earlier than others in their own language. I’m not sure this will reassure buyers whose rear glass on the photo unit has cracked. From what we have seen in these documents, no method is proposed to change this element.

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